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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 5, 2016

Psychological Need

Madness from the start, madness at every step: desperate assertions of how the world should be, employing every social and rhetorical device with faulty reasoning as proof. Ignoring history when convenient, interpreting it crudely, inventing it when necessary, offering utopian futures with that condition that all are forced to comply with ideologies promising the opposite of what they've always delivered.

There's no reason here, just naked psychological need.

June 4, 2016

Perfect Enforcement

We don't want a surveillance state because we don't want rules enforced strictly. Surely we don't want rules interpreted by petty officials.

More laws and regulations are added each year, while jokers remind that the more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.

We tolerate rules to prevent egregious and public acts, which is not to say all acts.

Surveillance is needed for perfect enforcement -- which we don't want because it is used for petty symbolic actions against normal citizens. Actual enemies already know how to evade modern surveillance.

French officials have repeatedly warned that more strikes are possible, saying security and intelligence officials cannot track all the Europeans traveling to and from Islamic State strongholds in Syria and Iraq.
Except the people traveling to Syria and Iraq aren't European. What a blunder!

Bin Laden took elaborate security precautions to avoid detection by U.S. and Pakistani forces, which have tried using spy satellites and electronic eavesdropping to find him, Gunaratna said.

"He knows America's greatest strength is through its electronics, so he does not want to fall into that trap by using a satellite phone or any other communication device that emits a signal that can be detected," he said.
[The Illusion of Safety and Intelligence]

They have long been aware of satellites and electronic surveillance, and thus abstain, and this information is well publicized. Serious adversaries will not be detected.

On another matter, Hussein stated he only recalls using the telephone on two occasions since March 1990. Additionally, Hussein did not stay at the same location for more than a day, as he was very aware of the United States's significant technological capabilities. Hussein communicated primarily through the use of couriers to communicate or would personally meet with government officials to discuss pertinent issues. Hussein stated that a technologically under-developed country, such as Iraq, was vulnerable to the United States.
[Working Around]

Disposable cell phones for a single mission will have no history and enter the network cleanly, thus are untrackable. Therefore expect authorities to create a system that requires passports to get them. Then expect terrorists to use buyers with a clean history.

All a government can do is capture all communications and paralyze the country's natives. Officials do the same thing as terrorists by imposing the dystopian misery upon citizens instead of alleviating the cause.

Multiculturalism that no citizen ever wanted remains useful to politicians because creating chaos means politicians can offer a solution to the problems they have created.

Surveillance prevents nothing. All it yields is dramatic audio and video footage to be shown on media programs and scare the public long after the violent event. The gates deliberately stay open.

Everyone is aware that governments monitor everything, even if illegally and against their stated mission. Citizens see this as banana republic governing with force, blame, and excuses instead of solving a problem. People react by limiting their communication and accept freedom has been lost.

Government obeys the petty dictator of the moment who seeks to expand his glorious regime. It never asks why someone let in so many who have no interest in the nation, its culture, or its values.

How many people blew themselves up when there was unity?

Before progress, we used to leave doors unlocked.

June 3, 2016

Why Social Justice Today?

To remedy universal injustice, errors of nature, and other yet unidentified grievances, we have need for social justice to force equality upon the unequal who are not constructed for it.

No more will cheap slander be tolerated, such as calling someone unintelligent or worse: using the dreaded "s word", which expresses the same concept.

Generous use of Social Justice fixes all problems.

Social Justice makes the poor wealthy when it is allowed to control wealth in accordance with compliance to proper ideological beliefs.

Social Justice makes the irresponsible into exemplary citizens.

Social Justice helps the short by redistributing height so all are made average or defined as such, never exceptional or deficient, merely adjusting so-called measure and standards to new norms.

Social Justice desires punishment for all who reject Social Justice and demands that poor judgment and falsehoods are treated as equal to facts.

May 21, 2016


visitors not permitted beyond this point
Young love is a marvelous force, the irrational engine powering civilization, dependent on man's delusion for its effect.

She is fresh and vivid. With her you know no "no", "can't", or anything remotely resembling a limit or annoyance. She seems rich with almost infinite potential!

Even when conscious of its mechanism, love unfurls identically in all cases. Man sees a young woman's potential and creatively finds a way to minimize her obvious flaws and defects, creating an idealistic impression of her that judges the prospect of unity with her as pure upside.

Man invents romances and fantasy, being artistic in spirit (SWM ISO Celestial Union), while woman is a bedrock of practical and pragmatic concern sizing up every situation, specifically what she can get from it.

Like a prizefighter, she playfully strikes and parries in search of an opening. When she sees her opponent is dazed and wobbled on rubber legs, she charges to finish him off and achieve her victory.

Man knows all of this, yet each time rushes in head first and repeats his pattern with outlandish passion. Just as he loves all previous women and the moments they shared, he looks forward to creating beautiful moments with new women.

You would have to date her for a while for the weight of her weaknesses and disinclinations to become undeniable and thus fall past the delusional mask you carry for her. Some flaws she'll hide rather than correct, others she won't tell you because she is unaware. Many problems are fixable, or at least significantly reducible, but won't be.

Your task is to reject romanticism and optimism in favor of seeing her as she is to understand her realistically, and thus assess whether you could make a life together.

May 19, 2016

Sensory Deprivation

Revelatory reflections await in those experiences where you not only lack a playbook, but have never remotely heard of how this plays out or anything related to it, yet you see opportunity and a wonderful path if you dare to keep going.

Compelled and joyfully driven by the sense of what this could be, you enter its gates and fully commit.

You plunge deep into the valley of nothingness for a while, but you already knew you would, so it's not so bad. Mostly it's odd from sensory deprivation. You move purposefully and powerfully, having an abstract mental impression of where you must be, but with no feedback you float free, separate from typical expectations.

After encountering success, how would you possibly tell someone about your journey? No single aspect is relatable, yet other people fit for such an undertaking should certainly be encouraged to choose it.

May 16, 2016

Almost Human

You see the variegated stirring before you and can't shake the realization that all of this is a mistake. They act from reflex and instinct to mimic and perform trivial recombinations and derivatives, like a crude meat automaton.

On paper their intelligence rates above average, and they have college degrees and other credentials. Without even hearing their pointless utterances, you would know to dismiss them if you saw who they were, their social circle, and disastrous personal lives.

It is not yours to battle or set straight, but to recognize and walk away.

May 15, 2016

Reducio ad Adjunctum

Removing excess simplifies; removing essentiality cripples.

Starting in the 1960s, each successive generation wielded damage: first removing love from sex, then renouncing family aspirations in favor of material acquisition, and then finally ending the premise and purpose of marriage, which is also the foundation of civilization.

This war had the side effect of reducing government to a wealth redistribution mechanism aligned for third-world standards, with many eager to replace the capable population with that ideal.

May 14, 2016

Fragile Intimacy

We began with curiosity and disbelief, and were drawn closer to find out if this could be real. Fallen into lust at first sight, we were immediately comfortable like old lovers. The rest was inevitable.

The kinky kink was the thousands of social media followers with whom she shared her playful attractiveness in exchange for the rush of them liking her.

Generating pictures for social media platforms and paying attention to texts when with someone else rudely interrupts magic, and after a second egregious offense I was done with the night. We wrap things up and I don't take her to my place. She's confused because everything was incredible until the phone came out.

She asks about it the next day and I have to tell her she has to leave the phone away if we are to enjoy one another.

She was torn: have something special, or take pictures for thousands of strangers making it look like you are, as you destroy it.

April 28, 2016

Customary Expectations

You never want to do the expected.

Consider why the mob acts as they do. They are trained to be customary, which means to repeat rituals in place of one's own thought, feeling, and spirit.

Would you renounce your soul that appears but once in this universe for the sake of appearing customary?

This is also why they insist on an apology, demanding that one renounce themselves for what they would otherwise do again in the same situation. They are jackals, and their instinct is to pounce when one is groveling and weak rather than poised for a vicious battle.

April 23, 2016

The Miserable Seek to Spread Their Disease

Ideally we should ignore the ugly and deficient. It is depressing to be in their midst, as there is no good solution to their lacking.

May they reach stillness and peacefully pass away, having made few intersections, leaving few remnants.

"I do not want to accuse; I do not even want to accuse those who accuse. Looking away shall be my only negation. And all in all and on the whole: some day I wish to be only a Yes-sayer."

In the era of depression, few seek a reasonable way to restore health, or emulate timeless methods of excellence and success, but rather there is great effort to praise the failed and ill-constituted, explaining to all who can endure insane nonsense that our best future will be reached not by doing what is timeless and proven, but by championing the failed who have never demonstrated the slightest potential, and unifying behind failed methods that could work in no imaginable universe.

We bestow them with the title "equal" and imagine words cause reality, rather than being subordinate and descriptive of the reality being observed.

This secular religion is impossibly distant from reality and implausible in both theory and demonstrable results, yet attracts because it boldly promises what many lack within, though offers no way to become what one is not or to take possession of traits they do not have, yet they demand to be recognized as what they are not.

They'll push this scam one more time, and it will once again raise the hopes of those who have not seen it before, and then collapse like all previous times. How many more times can they run this before its priests are laughed out as destructive frauds selling fantasy to the credulous?

April 22, 2016

No Schopenhauer Means No Effort

Taleb knows Schopenhauer, and a detailed history of thought.

Houellebecq knows Schopenhauer, and a long chain of literature, culture, problems, and solutions.

Gray knows Schopenhauer, philosophy through the ages, critical thinking, and clear, honest writing.

Is there any point to reading moderns who don't know what came before, and can't be bothered to read the best books in civilization, instead preferring ignorance and inferiority?

Wagner changed his entire outlook on opera music drama upon reading Schopenhauer, which he called the most significant event in his life. His later works directly convey Schopenhauer's views, so enraptured was Wagner with this realization of the world.

An architect unfamiliar with the best buildings, a musician who never studied and played the best compositions, or a doctor unfamiliar with the best medical practices are undeniably unsuitable for their claimed professions.

Familiarity with Schopenhauer is an essential litmus test.

April 14, 2016

Between Analog and Digital

There is but a small window remaining of the wild, untethered car still powered by the human driver. The era is closing.

At the same time, cheap swarms of drones collecting data from public observations, and then relaying that to mobile devices will overlap for a few years with the human driver.

In the chaos, subversion will be powered by a fleet of automated observation.

Drones can discover police from the lights of their traffic stops, and then perpetually track them and relay their exact positions to drivers. Unmarked police who ever once make a traffic stop can be detected and followed, needing parking garages and other evasive techniques.

Drones will likely pick up license plates, requiring those be cycled or hidden if police want to avoid detection and tracking.

An app on your phone or car will know the location of all nearby police, allowing you to drive at the speed you prefer. This can be combated by the state with speed cameras, which can be combated by the people with polarized license plate covers and aggressive drones that spray paint over speed cameras or illicitly deploy nanoenergetics to disable cameras.

In this anarchy, before all traffic is perfectly synchronized and tracked, a temporary wild west reemerges before it is murdered and programmed.

Everyone will have their own primitive air force, some militarized, some merely gathering intelligence data.

Policing will scramble trying to invent new roles before the traffic-based fines vanish as a funding source. Robberies will shift to being done electronically or on foot/bicycle as all cars will register themselves with centrally monitored systems, making it trivial to determine who received transportation to and from the crime scene.

April 13, 2016

Inflamed, not Triggered

She kept up a physique of a giant marshmallow beast, constantly adding coffee milkshakes, chips, and other garbage For morning energy, she went to Starbucks for a coffee milkshake, adding 800 calories to keep her puffy arms and belly fully inflated, a satisfied look of subversion on her face when no one could stop her indulgence.

Low-fat organic soy milk topped it off, with a cookie, cupcake, or muffin for fiber. This wasn't energy for an hour of swimming or vigorous exercise, just a swarm of calories before another day of doing nothing.

The body is agitated by sugar bombs and begins swelling as the organs desperately struggle to ameliorate the excess sugar by storing it away as fat. The liver is taxed beyond capacity, unable to mediate sufficiently with insulin, and the whole organism tries to hold off eventual collapse into diabetes by pushing towards obesity as a last ditch, least worst effort to segregate the imposed surplus.

Devoted addicts might say they are unconsciously coping with some psychological problem, but could anyone believe a milkshake every morning is compatible with health, or is sensible sustenance to start the day?

They don't just suffer from lack of self-control; they are delusional about reality, which includes diet, health, and the implications of what they do to themselves.

April 10, 2016


You notice most people pursuing education have not the slightest interest in their subject of study. They want credentials, partly for posturing, but mostly from a feeling of entitlement that they deserve a job more appropriate for people who are actually interested and knowledgeable in that field.

In Schopenhauer's time, personal character was still a measure of one's standing, which is why people defended accusations against their honor with duels. To lose honor was social death, so a dual offered at least a means of living if one was victorious; likewise subjecting false accusers to great penalty. He contrasted honor with the generation of fame by saying "Fame is something which must be won; honor, only something which must not be lost."

Fools attaining credentials to enter trades in which they are functionally incompetent and ignorant is at odds with the stated goals of educational institutions, making many degrees worthless while opening education to ridicule and derision for its willingness to certify all who pay, regardless of ability.

When one sees the number and variety of institutions which exist for the purposes of education, and the vast throng of scholars and masters, one might fancy the human race to be very much concerned about truth and wisdom. But here, too, appearances are deceptive. The masters teach in order to gain money, and strive, not after wisdom, but the outward show and reputation of it; and the scholars learn, not for the sake of knowledge and insight, but to be able to chatter and give themselves airs.

Our test in assessing situations and motivations must always be to consider what an alien observer would realize, if he did not have our prejudices and tolerance for customs.

Those who attain a position based on credentials that certify qualification end up occupying a role better suited for the knowledgeable and skilled. They credentialist is inept, inadequate, and inferior because he is a poor fit for what is needed.

Consider how the educated have never taken an interest in or come to contact with any great works of civilization, or studied teachings of the best minds, for all their credentials not knowing much of anything that came this way before. But no one can deny that they are experts in the common, vulgar, and fashionable that they dutifully follow.

Every thirty years a new race comes into the world -- youngster that knows nothing about anything, and after summarily devouring in all haste the results of human knowledge as they have been accumulated for thousands of years, aspires to be thought cleverer than the whole of the past. For this purpose he goes to the University, and takes to reading books -- new books, as being of his own age and standing. Everything he reads must be briefly put, must be new! he is new himself. Then he falls to and criticizes. And here I am not taking the slightest account of studies pursued for the sole object of making a living.

They discard the building blocks of civilization by omitting foundational sources essential to timeless topics, ensuring that there is no knowledge to reference and no shorthand possible among educated people. People familiar with Schopenhauer can say "As Schopenhauer said about genius and solitude", while for all the rest there is an empty canyon of knowledge trickling with reality shows, formulaic movies, and ball games.

By not knowing what came before, they are entirely dependent on the current generation, as if the geniuses of the last few millennia never existed and we must instead depend entirely on the wily runts alive at the moment who were able to become popular, but will be forgotten or dismissed as charlatans before they die.

As if exiled from civilization, they know no past and thus cannot gauge its current location, direction, nor sense of place in the universe, remaining disoriented without means to form a realistic assessment of the world, humanity's potential, or the slightest sense of what all this means.

From this ignorance, they are forced to be innocent, naïve, simpleminded, and like cavemen after catastrophe having to reinvent and rediscover civilization through chance events, but these chances are few and sometimes finite, and thus infinitely precious, not to be ignored and discarded out of laziness and lack of interest in knowledge.

All Day I Dream About Schopenhauer

As luck would have it, scholars have rediscovered what Schopenhauer and all of his readers have known for 150 years.

Among less intelligent individuals (with a mean IQ of 81.39), frequency of socialization with friends had a significantly positive effect on life satisfaction. Those who socialized with friends more frequently (6.71, nearly every day) had a significantly higher life satisfaction (M = 4.1586) than those who socialized with friends less frequently (1.95, less than twice a week) (M = 4.1163). In contrast, among more intelligent individuals (with a mean IQ of 115.57), those who socialized with friends more frequently were actually less satisfied with life (M = 4.1063) than those who socialized with friends less frequently (M = 4.1311). The statistical interaction was such that more intelligent individuals were actually less satisfied with life if they socialized with their friends more frequently.
More intelligent individuals actually experienced higher life satisfaction with lower frequency of contact with friends.
The importance of friendship in our analysis is consistent with a large number of previous studies on life satisfaction (Diener & Seligman, 2004, pp. 18–20; Dolan et al., 2008, pp. 106–108). However, to the best of our knowledge, no one else has demonstrated the statistical interaction between socialization with friends and intelligence. Nor has anyone demonstrated that extremely intelligent individuals may be less satisfied with life if they socialized with their friends more frequently.

The academics congratulate themselves on their first time observations and name their theory, ignorant of what Schopenhauer published 150 years ago.

An intellectual man in complete solitude has excellent entertainment in his own thoughts and fancies, while no amount of diversity or social pleasure, theatres, excursions and amusements, can ward off boredom from a dullard.
The wise man will, above all, strive after freedom from pain and annoyance, quiet and leisure, consequently a tranquil, modest life, with as few encounters as may be; and so, after a little experience of his so-called fellowmen, he will elect to live in retirement, or even, if he is a man of great intellect, in solitude. For the more a man has in himself, the less he will want from other people — the less, indeed, other people can be to him. This is why a high degree of intellect tends to make a man unsocial.
Hence, undisturbed occupation with himself, his own thoughts and works, is a matter of urgent necessity to such a man; solitude is welcome, leisure is the highest good, and everything else is unnecessary, nay, even burdensome.
[The Wisdom of Life (1851)]

Schopenhauer goes further to explains the mechanism of sociability:

But the individual who stands at the other end of the scale is no sooner free from the pangs of need than he endeavors to get pastime and society at any cost, taking up with the first person he meets, and avoiding nothing so much as himself. For in solitude, where every one is thrown upon his own resources, what a man has in himself comes to light; the fool in fine raiment groans under the burden of his miserable personality, a burden which he can never throw off, whilst the man of talent peoples the waste places with his animating thoughts. Seneca declares that folly is its own burden -- omnis stultitia laborat fastidio sui -- a very true saying, with which may be compared the words of Jesus, the son of Sirach, The life of a fool is worse than death (Ecclesiastes, xxii. 11). And, as a rule, it will be found that a man is sociable just in the degree in which he is intellectually poor and generally vulgar. For one’s choice in this world does not go much beyond solitude on one side and vulgarity on the other.
Ordinary people think merely how they shall spend their time; a man of any talent tries to use it.
Further, as no land is so well off as that which requires few imports, or none at all, so the happiest man is one who has enough in his own inner wealth, and requires little or nothing from outside for his maintenance, for imports are expensive things, reveal dependence, entail danger, occasion trouble, and when all is said and done, are a poor substitute for home produce.

He expounds further, cites previous philosophers, and unwinds scenarios everyone has seen before, explaining their attributes and connections. A lazy academic could make an easy career proving things we all know as true.

What on the other hand makes people sociable is their incapacity to endure solitude and thus themselves.
Sociability belongs to the most dangerous, even destructive inclinations, since it brings us into contact with beings the great majority of whom are morally bad and intellectually dull or perverted.

And yet, all of this passes as new and amazing, as long as you have never bothered to become familiar with it, which also means we effectively have no civilization when the educated can't be bothered to become familiar with its best works.

March 23, 2016

Safety is For Field Hands

Florida Alligator I know you don't want to lose Miami. No one wants to lose anything they once had. Yet you will lose Miami and everything else.

Enjoy what you can while you can, and make it great for its enduring moment as representation of spirit and monument to ability.

Why did they build grand houses on fragile hillsides or shores with raging summer storms that regularly destroy everything and take their lives? Because the setting was inspired and beautiful.

For a transitory life there is no better approach.

March 22, 2016

Magic All The Way Down

Elves mushroom home We're rarely very honest. We begin with a self-referential starting place and a few abstractions and then begin speaking about the whole we can't see, measure, or experience, often inventing clever variables when we realize we don't have the slightest understanding of how the system works.

As credulous creatures of sensation, we rely on minimalism to protect against seduction by appealing sounding systems, ideals, and abstractions. Demonstrative reality or nothing! Essentiality through simplicity -- the rest has a long and suspicious history of deception, failure, and unfulfilled promises.

We don't understand the universe or its mechanisms. We don't have a good collection of history or a coherent interpretations, and exclude all the interesting fragments outside unified dogma. We've never bothered with a realistic assessment of human nature.

The series of 'causes' faces us much more completely in each case; we reason, 'this and that must precede for that to follow' -- but we haven't thereby understood anything. The specifically qualitative aspect for example of every chemical process, still appears to be a 'miracle', as does every locomotion; no one has 'explained' the push. And how could we explain! We are operating only with things that do not exist -- with lines, surfaces, bodies, atoms, divisible times, divisible spaces. How is explanation to be at all possible when we first turn everything into a picture -- our picture!
[Die Froehliche Wissenschaft]

Elves will appear and show you their magic actions that work behind the scenes, the living engine of the universe. If you dare, you can summon the spirit of the earth and it will patiently work through your social shields and untie constructed knots, debunking words before abruptly returning you to your earthly realm, unchanged in form except for lingering awareness, perhaps feeling too naked to repeat comfortable actions you know are false.

March 21, 2016

Where the Elves Live

Elves live in mushrooms and animate the world From their wooded sanctuaries and colorful mushroomed homes, elves animate the world, turning smiling flowers towards you and powering the gears. Nature unfolds revealing its prominent mechanics, from revelations of collective shared spirit normally masked and hidden out of view. You watch the most exquisite cloud formations launched joyfully because they could be, worth doing even if normally unnoticed.

Suddenly you realize everything is reconcilable -- and when arbitrary, we err on the side of beauty.

What type of soul would choose otherwise? And from that realization we form harmonious union with others who venerate nature and honor its gifts. How rich they make us and provide for everything needed!

If you were to contact the elves and receive their wisdom, how would you share the method of encounter so others could experience their own going under?

At first you are skeptical anything real is there, as it must be just random phenomena. Curiously, you listen and consider, watching it demonstrate insight with precisely articulated summaries often accompanied by an explanation of its reasoning -- the pieces all things you knew but looked away from, holding out for a different outcome and reality.

The elves untangle and reject denial by laying bluffs bare, offering a helpful consciousness that force realization by presenting undeniable implications, thus glimpsing the future.

March 20, 2016

Pedestrian Trickery

They seek opportunity and weakness to plunge in and feast You're not even a piece of meat. You're a bank account with legs, barely sentient, easily captured; a featureless means to an end. You'll do.

She impetuously sniffs out need and plays docile possum so you can feel an semi-authentic simulation of a hunter capturing crippled prey.

Look what strange creature has hitched itself to your wagon.

After tying yourself up, you are commandeered to provide, not by will, but law crafted to plunder.

The illusion gradually dispels as your situation becomes clear. A flurry of bad decisions attracts more bad decisions -- haste and hunger multiplying error as the spin-out torques still harder, losing all possibility for traction as it whirls around itself.

She is not at all what you conjured her appearance to be through delusion. The desperate romantic projects his emotional hopes on a well bruised canvas he pretends is white, dually lying to himself with omission and commission, against both the general and specific case, then soothing himself with platitudes for his disaster.

Love from need is a debtor's negotiation. You'd have to first clear your liabilities to get reasonable terms.

Obvious imbalance in mutual posture was overlooked by necessity. You had to lie to yourself in eagerness to make a rotten deal.

She does not dissuade advances while rationally sizing up gains and risks. She has measured opportunity for extraction and you failed to consider why she did not fare well on the open market. All the others knew, withdrew, and walked away, not even making polite offers.

Anyone capable of analyzing others must brutally turn the same considerations upon themselves and their own situation, or invite cruel folly to envelop.

Education reminds that nothing about humanity has ever changed, nor ever will. Gems mined retain their guiding gleam whenever plucked, and you could have these too.

Or like the hunted, predators looking for sustenance might strip you bare.

March 19, 2016

Globalize Peace

Globalize Peace When you see the bumper sticker, you immediately realize a major problem with democracy is that most people have no idea how the world works, but still have a strong opinion about how it should be organized. Allowing the ignorant to vote means organizing society based on the opinions of the ignorant, which should openly expose the problem, except only a few measure and the crowd believes they are acting wisely.

Ancient Greeks tried to warn us of dangers, first of rhetoric and its hold on the public in defiance of reason, and then of democracy and the destructive decisions it makes against civilization. For an antidote and inoculation to rhetoric they offered a detailed study and decomposition. For democracy they offered brutal critiques explaining its nature and the example of Socrates, whose murder was decided upon by democracy as a good idea because he allegedly corrupted youth with the ideas he taught his students.

Some say war is like a woman: wavering between capricious and arbitrary with outbursts of malice and wickedness. They believe all nations share identical goals and values, and that our interests and goals do not clash.

Those who tell us to avoid dealing with strife remain blissfully unaware of world event and intrinsic conflicts, innocently wishing to smother them with a soft blanket of PEACE. Yelling PEACE from the sidelines is just a heckler announcing their narcissism.

If only we had conceived of peace and visualized it with appropriate hippie slogans in place of reasoned discussion, the cause of our actual problems would suddenly vanish.

March 18, 2016

Idols and Ideals

A new luxury sportscar begins to feel merely normal after a week or two. It's still wonderful, only now you are accustomed to it being loyally at your command.

A mansion feels normal after a month. Having vast space becomes customary and only seems unusual when hired helps gets lost in the labyrinthian expanse.

A gorgeous young woman quickly becomes your expectation in appearance and spirit, as your enjoy her beauty and her appropriate fit.

You naturally gravitate towards good versions of all things, not from envy, greed, posturing, or compliance with advertising. You enjoy them and don't consider them exceptional or think much about them at all, as your targets are not material acquisition, but living.

Those who measure by money and ownership can't understand this, as they forever want more, and think joy will finally be acquired from things.

March 17, 2016

Different Mistakes, Same Root

You look back at past decisions and laugh at mistakes rife with false assumptions and projections of previous trauma.

How could such a mind ever assess soberly?

"Mistakes were made" -- and will be repeated yet again with echoing recurrence, reasoning atrociously under uncertainty, learning little, playing poorly.

March 13, 2016

What Your Grandparents Lived

Los Angeles in the 1950s was a different world and type of civilization from what politicians created just a few decades later, yet the better version could be decided upon just as easily as the failed one Sociologists attribute a low grade depression to generational consciousness that a mass hollowing out means they won't do as well as their parents.

Many grew up remembering having neighbors and a neighborhood. There are still houses, but all feeling of community has been killed.

Relationships are dead. Marriage and divorce are used as social welfare. Dating has been reduced to a cell phone app, robbed of hope and used as entertainment for bored people.

Potential rests barren and idle. To prove its worthlessness, they make sure not to try, and then get angry at those who do, and call them cheaters.

Those who pay taxes are held political hostage, required by law to give their money to useless programs they oppose. Politicians mandate these programs to secure votes, neither giving workers relief from political schemes, nor addressing public needs.

"Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food."

We are reminded by the mantra "eat what your grandparents ate" that our evolution includes specialization to prosper from the foods of our foundational region. We are not to eat corn chips, sugar water, and cupcakes, unless that is what people of your heritage ate two generations ago and all times previous when they were healthy, virile, and able to attempt great efforts.

Considering more broadly, not only is health restored by eating what our grandparents ate, but our society returns to sanity and purpose when we do what our grandparents did. Simple action and realistic consideration of consequences develops a robust and worthwhile society with interesting, lively, durable people -- which is necessary to build a neighborhood of folks worth caring about, which is necessary for a flourishing civilization.

Toleration for decline and decrepitude is ignorance towards what was proven to work for millennia. We're under no obligation to walk in step with a disaster at odds with everything we want and need.

March 12, 2016

Celebrating Break-ups

One should celebrate breakups because that means an unpleasant non-partner is gone from your life. What relief!

And isn't unpleasant non-partner the succinct impressions that remains after a while and shapes your memory of them when the rest is mostly forgotten?

March 11, 2016

Inquiry Into Irrationality

First the strange situation, then the wonderful wondering follows. You find no rational explanation when inquiring into irrational actions.

Untangle it all and consider it with an outsider's empathetic perspective and there's little more there than frustrated sabotage and self-perpetuating damage.

You are doing yourself violence, violence my soul; and you will have no second occasion to do yourself honor. Brief is the life of each of us, and this of yours is nearly ended, and yet you do not reverence yourself, but commit your well-being to the charge of other men's souls.
[II, 6]

You expected a morsel of clarification instead of internal chaos and despair that acts for no goal or purpose. It wobbles and topples headlong as it must, not towards any particular aim.

March 10, 2016

Self-help Motivation

Those seeking motivation have the correct diagnosis: they lack motivation to take action, and thus don't have results, i.e. their desires do not match their deeds.

Thus they seek a spur, but spurs are lacking.

They peruse the self-help aisle (all help is self-help) and though they find books by both helpful souls and opportunistic charlatans, no amount of reading changes their behavior, for their spirit remains as it has always been.

To get results, you simply do what must be done. There is no short cut around the necessary.

February 27, 2016

Social Justice Spam

Wealth by country You can sense their frustration building. They attempt every half-baked method to let off steam. Like terrorists looking for a dramatic way out of a hellish situation they've trapped themselves in, they cast blame with a shotgun approach that vaguely targets everything in range.

From here, they're just a step or two away from creating persistent annoyances everywhere, deliberately ruining what other people enjoy, taking away the last remnants of respect for cultivated art.

Their next step will be disruptions of civilization. Orchestra, opera, and ballet performances will be spammed with screamers yelling out political talking points, telling you what issue is urgent to them and which candidate you must support to help them, as if their position is important and insightful, rather than surfacing trauma.

The crowd will boo, the spammer will be ejected from the event, and we'll go on living, now both tolerating and expecting art to be interrupted by crazy people lashing out at a society they hate and need to attack for the sake of their personal identity.

February 26, 2016

Disaster Zone

Once you've created a disaster, who would want to be a part of it? Only others who tolerate disaster and think it normal.

The well constituted flee disaster, either building a state within a state using old values and beliefs no longer honored in the disaster zone, or starting their own way elsewhere without plans to return to the land swallowed up by calamity.

Periodically the zone's edges expand and contract like a city lusting for gentrification to solve its structural imbalance. Setting up camp outside the walls avoids suffering the fate of those within.

February 25, 2016

Cannot Unsee the Undead

The crisp afternoon sun illuminated her features, revealing her face as a ghoulish mask. Her attractive veneer became translucent over her skull, hinting that she was an animated corpse in transition, and desire at once vanished from having inadvertently seen her as an unsexy composition of failed flesh.

Disqualification of disqualifications! She was the walking dead, and there was no longer any reason to steal her from her boyfriend.

Seeing her as an empty, dead body kills the romance. You can't rate lower than being useless.

February 20, 2016


Ten large companies sell junk to people who want exactly that and are pleased to spend their money to give these companies profit and lock in terrible quality and poor health The pragmatic merchant has no values, standards, or outward beliefs. Those are a potential liability because they could offend customers. The merchant appeals to 100% of the audience so he can get their money. Specifically, he is interested in selling what people already want so he can most easily gain profit.

The merchant aligns with established companies to sell products being advertised by their sustained campaigns, ensuring influenced consumers will compliantly purchase whatever product they saw advertised. For merchants and the producing company, this tried and true process of training consumers to tolerate and buy whatever commercials advertise is better than printing money because it's totally legal.

Companies spend millions on commercials because they return many times their cost by making those items popular. This popularity signals to consumers that an item is good.

Ten large companies sell almost exclusively junk, with their major products being sugar water, high carb snacks, and atrocious chocolate-like candy. They know that year after year, people with poor self-control, sugar cravings from a terrible diet, and denial of consequences will buy those things. The merchant knows he can sell those items with regularity, building steady profit.

Disposable products, such as entertainment items, cater to a base public taste for generic, low grade amusement that takes away your time. The industry holds award shows and lavishes praise on mediocre efforts considered the best among many similar versions. Bold columnists go farther and call these products art, though they express no new idea and only exist to extract money from bored people who have no interest in doing things.

The modern educated person is unfamiliar with excellent books, music, and ideas produced throughout civilization. He suffers in ignorance and low taste, preferring inartistic drivel, and not even the substantial efforts in modern genres. Sellers strive to be popular and maximize their market by serving these sensibilities, individually using this wise approach that in the aggregate establishes a standard founded on satisfying the base and trivial.

The same few stores repeat through every strip-mall, appealing to a large and persistent mass of shoppers despite offering crummy products. You'd think a better alternative would bankrupt the inferior, but the majority prefer a well known inferior version to a lesser known excellent version. This result sheds light on the workings of democracy.

With the average McDonalds store grossing $2,600,000 a year, why strive to create something good when you can just run a popular franchise and take in easy money from a steady crowd of people who think they need those meals in their lives?

The merchant technique of mass appeal starves excellence, making the inferior the standard across all consumer areas. The merchant just wants to move units, and doesn't have an ideological position or deep thought about the consequences to culture when garbage becomes the demonstrative cultural norm to export.

Low quality products and two note songs replace what came before from public votes of purchases calculated after expensive media campaigns promoting dross for dopes.

By itself, a small number of pragmatic merchants is practically harmless. In a healthy society, they would seem ridiculous for trying to sell trash in a community preferring superior alternatives from conscious comparisons of better options.

Selling sugar water, unhealthy snacks, and prison-grade food first becomes tolerated and then normal as degrading descent takes hold. The resulting obesity epidemic stifles romance, makes humanity idle, and explodes health care costs.

A market selling entertainment for idiots gives us bad music, books, and movies to displace good products and make idiotic inartistic hacks the standard replacing geniuses.

The merchant claims innocence, saying he was only giving people what they want. He avoids offending anyone by saying they brought this upon themselves.

February 13, 2016


She gazes up at him in wonderment, both willing and open for what is possible. His pleasure is also her pleasure: she gives herself fully to be taken deep into his arms. She tingles with desire for the dance of love, obeying her unbroken instinct to be filled with blissful plenitude.

She can think of no better union as her body yearns for warm touch and rough penetration. Her love is receiving; his is fierce attraction for her offering. She imagines a vivid image of what she desires and blushes crimson, hiding her smile.

Her scent allures. She purrs and melts into delight as he touches her neck under her silky hair. Looking into her eyes says it all as she broadcasts readiness to be loved vigorously. Who could disagree? From the first kiss of her tender lips, she is already squirming wonderfully before his tongue has started thoroughly exploring her delights.

Clothes that shield to create distance are quickly liberated for the honest state of nature that communicates without words. She is soon shamelessly bare and excited, feeling her blood rush as she knows what will happen. She takes a long, controlled breath, nervous with butterflies in her stomach from the thrill of what she is getting herself into.

She has a passionate need to be taken and is taken far to sustained rapture by her man's incarnate force, a mystery she reveres with the experience of being swept away, each time astoundingly far, a familiar and pleasant disorientation a thousand times more vivid then her recollection of its encompassing joy.

She ends up with her end up, with both an urge to please and to be taken somewhere incredible in this bedroom adventure. From her hands and knees, she turns back and says "do what you want with me", wanting to experience what he chooses with the intimate offer to thrust into interludes of merging as one. Her wetness graciously yields to robust entry.

They moan and scream on the path to climax until reaching euphoria. She grips and releases with lost control as he explodes inside her with pulsing spasms, panting and pleased with their love.

February 12, 2016


Cues abound in subtle subtleties -- from the contours and shape of her sweet doll face you don't even have to see her in tights to know she is supremely fit, but you don't mind the opportunity either.

What is so enchanting about her? That is seems together you could do everything, fully appreciate one another, and go far together. How restricted and clashing this is with most, but with her there is harmony instead of discord.

February 9, 2016

Fragile Romance

You must move quickly to love the woman who stirs your desire, for soon she will make a single mistake that will immediately and forever dispel the attraction that drew you to her.

She asserts her right to a future she doesn't deserve
He is left without, as the target has left the path

It's usually something small and fixable, such as messing up her hair, gaining 10 pounds, or expressing some petty interest. Though all of these can be quickly corrected, it is already too late. You have seen her in a way contrary to how you desire her. Now she is just another silly girl unsuitable for you.

"We look beautiful together." If only we could be together.

All romance is intrinsically bound up in the fragility of what a man imagines a woman to be, and perishes when this belief debunks itself from unexpected awareness of deception.

The brutality of time changes relations and takes deals off the table.
A man's challenge is overcoming romanticism, i.e. the creative desire to see a woman as what she is not. A man in love imagines his woman as far more beautiful than she is, and inverts her scope of qualities, taking her flash of a trait as representative of the whole while overlooking her glaring flaws and not noticing them as her norm, nor her obnoxious off-putting behavior and its source.

Her self-sabotaging destructive traits are seen as cute and fun, as if she has been frolicking through life gently rather than moping with long-seeded depression and trauma.

The more desperate the victim, the more intensely they project every desirable trait onto whatever creature is nearby.

February 8, 2016


What is worse than rape and murder? Only emasculation. Rape and murder are quickly done with, but after emasculation, the next episode might be just seconds away and surely will repeat through the day.

It is performed by thoughtless automatic habit as a manifestation of the worst disrespect, resentment, revenge, and disharmonious anger. It cannot be reasoned with, and the violence that would stop its repeated appearance is now banned, so like an invasive species liberated of checks and balances, it runs roughshod over the terrain as it lays the landscape to waste.

Emasculation pulverizes the spirit, assailing aspiration, debilitating decision and reason, introducing doubt and hesitation from knowledge that the irrational and inscrutable asserter might object and demand a full accounting based on nonsense. Thus instinct is crushed, expression silenced, and one only looks for escape so they can be natural again.

February 7, 2016

Continuous Trauma

Not to say you can't possibly hope to find happiness with someone who has been traumatized, but it's a much more involved undertaking.

First you must be a counselor and therapist, and then spa esthetician, constantly soothing, affirming, and calming. You try to slow the outbursts and quell angry expression, always striving to break the cycle that thirsts for repetition of the scarring experiences. Like tending to a handicapped child, you must always keep the disability in mind, as well as suitable rehabilitation techniques that will take many years and might not take completely, ultimately rendering only partial health.

Many traumatized people expose themselves, seemingly compulsively, to situations reminiscent of the original trauma. These behavioral reenactments are rarely consciously understood to be related to earlier life experiences. This "repetition compulsion" has received surprisingly little systematic exploration during the 70 years since its discovery, though it is regularly described in the clinical literature. Freud thought that the aim of repetition was to gain mastery, but clinical experience has shown that this rarely happens; instead, repetition causes further suffering for the victims or for people in their surroundings.
[van der Kolk BA. The compulsion to repeat the trauma: re-enactment, revictimization, and masochism]

Talking about traumatic events stir and invigorate them. Better is to let them pass by quietly and forget them than to construct defining monuments for unwelcome events. The past is gone and unchangeable; perhaps they can make a future, which would requiring orienting toward that possibility.

Nothing will make you hate those who cause pointless trauma more than to see the echo in its targets and how they search for a return to trauma and chaos to fill their lack of normalcy.

February 6, 2016

Multiple Vectors

You don't end civilization with just one vector of attack, but many simultaneously. First make people unattractive by breaking good breeding and establishing obesity as the norm. Then remove common culture and heritage so unity is prevented and shared social ideals are lost.

Follow that by making them useless and unpleasantly inert followers eager to enforce fantasy-based ideology. Then leave them as empty husks by replacing their purpose with entertainment, the supreme goal their energy, time, and consciousness should consume.

January 31, 2016


Michel Houellebecq Submission Michel Houellebecq's Submission poses a way back from the misery of enlightened progress to a more sensible society that we desire, where the good are rewarded and able to enjoy happiness, allowing parts of civilization to continue upward.

He begins by astutely painting a picture of modernity where our energies are wasted on ideological fantasies and illusions, first with silly education programs and then unrewarding jobs that spend our youth earning trite accolades. We search for interesting things in our communities and big cities, finding only intoxicants and trivial entertainment in a routine that leaves us isolated, lonely, exhausted, and with little prospect of a way out to a better situation because we've developed society into a sickly, low grade contraption.

We accept things have gone wrong, but don't really look for historical inflection points and a way out of the mess. Though the West defeated Marxist governments, Marxist believers gained control of culture and education, teaching their philosophy, word choices, canned debate phrases, and value judgments in place of tradition and critical thinking.

Feminism has triumphed and openly encourages hostile independence from men with predominance of female whims to prevent relationships and families, replacing companionship with a hookup culture that gives welfare for single mothers raising damaged children, paid for by people with jobs.

But all of this is barely held together by systems that are complicated, and thus fragile and doomed to eventual collapse. Because these schemes are artificial, sustaining their fabrication requires great public cost, making them subject to self-destruction when they become exposed as absurd or being quickly dismantled when their vast expense is necessary for redirection towards useful aims.

The grinding strife from lack of commonality with one's neighbors opens opportunity for a new third way to burst through. In Houellebecq's story, an election comes due with low interest in the parties of the day proposing lackluster candidates with an unenthusiastic reception, while a new Islamic party offers a respectable and charismatic leader with moderate views. To form a compromise government, the Islamic party gains support from a minority leftist party that wishes to weakly share power, and the democratically triumphant party institutes Islamic law and begins rearranging France into a European-Muslim hybrid model it intends to replicate across Europe and beyond into a new high civilization everywhere its population is surging.

Wealthy Saudi donors are used to fund a prestigious replacement of higher education, paying teachers substantially higher salaries, though requiring them to convert to Islam to keep their jobs. This has the side effect of allowing them wives and families, as is traditional in Islam but increasingly rare in the West.

This leaves the reader wondering about the recent undesired changes that imposed multi-culturalism and third-world immigration as a replacement population, with the ominous Orwellian slogan "diversity is our strength" aggressively asserted as a bluff to prevent rational consideration that its opposite is true.

Multiculturalism means anyone can show up, no one has to any longer agree with standards, the community is replaced by commerce, and there is no agreement on anything.
Multiculturalism ends shared values, standards, agreement, heritage, and community.

Our previous standard of high culture has been replaced by entertainment and normal lives seem out of reach. For all this misery, dysfunctional civilization, and corroding society, we were promised tremendous benefits not available to undiverse generations, yet we have nothing to show from these promises and the massive losses pushed on us. For everything taken away, we should at least have servants, concubines, palaces, and more money than we could ever spend, no longer needing jobs but choosing to spend our days and nights on our interests and with our large families.

Instead, social integrity was destroyed and intelligence is in rapid decline, indicating a transformation to a third-world future where at best a few remnants might preserve themselves and their wealth while the remainder turns into an identical copy of the rest of the failing world.

Overall, we realize that we gave away our high civilization and the riches we worked many generations to create in exchange for nothing. Our descendants will only be bequeathed tales about what we once were, had, and could do, before we changed everything and watched our society fall apart for the sake of delusional ideology we could not stop from spreading.

Houellebecq shortens the cycle of despair with a quick electoral chance to Islamic rule instead of a long Western decline that sees the consequences of current ideology taken to its logical conclusions. Not just for stylish reasons is this a good choice, as it's easy to argue that their appearance is proof that the foundation is already diseased or dead, for in no healthy system could such ideas appear and not be ruthlessly savaged for their short-sightedness.

A benevolent Muslim takeover is an unusual route to get past modernity's enfeeblement, and indisputably would create flourishing households. Though this method is not much different than wishing for visiting space aliens to impose enlightenment and a kind dictatorship, we know Muslims are real and have households. Continuing further in the current direction of society offers little hope and more darkness, especially given the power of politicians whose motivations are not aligned with the interests of citizens.

How bad could Islam be? It's a well demonstrated method by which we could once again have wives, families, homes, and stability. A deliberate implosion to allow conversion and takeover seems from a distance to be a wild Hail Mary pass waging everything on a lucky outcome. But sometimes a Hail Mary works, and at least shows we still dream about a few of the good things all previous generations were able to enjoy before we gave them away for nothing.

January 30, 2016

The Narrative Contrary to Reality

Media drama and political drama are distractions for personal gain For similar reasons, the stories media and democratic politicians produce are crazed fantasy that is usually the opposite of reality.

Both strive to produce maximum drama so people pay attention to their antics. Media uses viewers to promote commercials, while politicians promote themselves so voters select them for parasitic disassembling of society.

Ideally both news and politicians should be quiet, as barring personal gain, their task is boring and undramatic. News should blandly report facts, not indulge in dramatic story telling, stir readers into an emotional outrage, or push a particular political agenda. Likewise, politicians should perform basic tasks for public service, not seek a spotlight for attention and attracting money for favors.

As both media and politicians are promoting lies for profit, their business can be understood as traditional fraud.

Like those who blamed witches, media and politicians sell scapegoats as the reason for decline, but there are no secret oppressors. Because none are ever found, they are said to be elusive and in urgent need of being stopped, captured, liquidated, and their assets distributed to hard working marginalized addicts and mental cases.

They call themselves secular while adamantly pursuing a religious explanation, calling their group good and the group they envy evil, and then attributing false characteristics and motivations as they demonize the success of others while looking away from the reasons for their own failure.

The mediocre call themselves good, consider themselves innocent and an ideal all should emulate. Their total lack of innocence leaves them damaged by realizations that they don't measure up and were first left short by nature, and then biochemically in their lack of motivation to win a better outcome and correct their deficiencies. They wallow in a mix of compliance and blame, favoring others who are weak like them, and proposing a future where all would be educated with trendy untested speculative theories. This would wipe the past clean and allow a new start where they hope they could do better, as all the rules would be inverted, leaving them near the top.

They fixate on the happy and successful who are called evil and portrayed as malicious and plotting, and for unexplained reasons are said to be obsessed with scheming against the stupid and incapable so those people cannot escape their fate. Evil people use old established ideas and ways of thinking founded on the known and tested, and for this reason need to be stopped and forced to accept modern proposals in place of experience and knowledge. That they reject, resist, and dismiss the demands of the good is intolerable and drives them mad because it once again reveals nature favoring others whom they see others yield to harmoniously. Observing this affinity is strange and foreign to them, as magic force that could only be that of wizards and devils. This is only made worse when the evil ones open admit to favoring the capable who demonstrate strength and results, rather then treating all people equally and allowing the incapable and inept access to their worlds.

As shown in Seven Samurai, our best, rarest, and most difficultly cultivated resources are expended on the worst from their clever social deception feigning need and manipulating our pity, allowing their short-term gain at our collective loss.

January 22, 2016


We all crowd around the television to stare at the screen and learn what they want to teach us From a mansion, you never get a good look at other mansions. The space deliberately eliminates walking areas and sidewalks, requiring driving, just like a visit to unzoned Texas stores. No one walks from or to their mansion, creating security by removing means of idle access.

Mansions are normally placed on spacious land that is well lit at all hours, offering no approach by surprise. Arriving by car is obvious, and intruding by foot offers no easy escape. You could try a naked approach in the middle of the night, but many wealthy people work until early morning hours or start their days at 4am, with strange extended hours and differing rooms lit at night, so at best you're guessing their downtime while certain to meet a security system that quickly dispatches local police.

This deliberate separation from traffic has the antisocial side-effect of making it nearly impossible to meet neighbors except by rare accidents like retrieving mail at the same time.

Then a snowstorm arrives to shut down everything and the stillness becomes a perfect environment for walking and looking. Cars are temporarily self-banished and the houses you drive past can be viewed slowly for full appreciation. Their contours explain themselves, with the understated and classic exteriors often seen to be hiding vast innards, just as striped shirts make the large boned appear slimmer.

Most with mansions own businesses or serve executive functions. Some are free spirits who found another way, announcing themselves with unusual displays like black lights in the middle of an open architecture, purplish lights bursting out from a dozen window pairs. But typically they are drones with giant screens tranquilizing them with nonsense to stare at.

With the lack of serious activity in society, you might wonder what valuable functions they perform to earn this wealth. We don't have the great art and philosophy we used to, except by accident and contrary to society's direction. So what are these wealthy people doing?

Like politicians, they work for the masses, i.e. accommodating low taste and organizing that effort on a massive scale.

Millions are made not by quality, but by selling sugar water, bad cheeseburgers, and junk products of all kinds. Proles love junk and pay lots of money to keep junk businesses profitable. Look at all the awful stores around you -- proles can't stop giving them money to keep them going.

Also profitable are fashionable products for image. People like to appear important, which can be done by showing off a $5 cup of mediocre coffee that costs a few cents to make. You've come a long way, baby.

The mansion dwellers excel in being the enablers of proles to effectively and efficiently arm them with the junk products they want to consume. Like a successful football coach, executives are just smart enough to do their job well, and not too smart to realize they are doing wickedness by participating in a foolish enterprise.

This is why many wealthy people watch entertainment. They are supreme proles at heart, not artists or thinkers. Entertainment keeps their prole instincts sharp so they sense how to sell what proles desire.

January 21, 2016

Law of Attraction

The Mad Dog puts himself down, aware he has gone mad and loyal to the need for removal.

By acting out, he shows himself and others his madness. In madness, any target suffices for a demonstration that one has put himself in distress.

He makes crazy, imprudent plans and watches himself cause wreckage while understanding his machinations are totally irrational and certain to end badly.

And yet, he is not curious or honest enough to identify a root cause and correct, inoculate, or stop himself from certain destruction. Nor are his actions an exchange of giving something to get something, but a rapid compounding of multiple loses to lock in a grievous error.

All could see the blunder except the Mad Dog whose energies were spent explaining a fantastical upside and denying what he was creating.

January 19, 2016

What the Universe Demands

You always start with a blank canvas. What should go there?

Something new, a substantial idea conveyed precisely, reached by playfulness and humor.

The artist is an editor. Expression arrives as a totality that summarizes while conveying essential detail after having considered a vast expanse.

You are in open space all alone, thankfully far from the safety of custom.

January 18, 2016

Compendium of Error

Dangerous books occasionally get printed. At first their appearance suggests oppressive authorities must have been asleep at the wheel to let this highly subversive information into the wild. Now they will have to hunt down each copy, burn them, assassinate the author, "debunk" and "educate" prospective readers, and send a firm message so no one else tries to discuss the topic.

But none of that happens for a book that upends everything. It isn't noticed and the topic isn't considered the slightest bit interesting. People go on following the errors and misconceptions the book urges them to realize and discard.

Upon deeper reading it becomes clear the author doesn't understand the full magnitude of what he has uncovered. Because of his fixation on leftist social justice, the book distracts itself from a larger point. Nevertheless, the concluding implications should be considered.

Unfair by Adam Benforado reveals the legal system is founded on error, just like the rest of society Adam Benforado's Unfair examines the foundational flaws in the U.S. legal system. Eye witness testimony continues to be weighed heavily, despite being known to be the least reliable. Prosecutors use clever strategies in an attempt to win rather than pursue justice. Juries are gathered under the archaic premise that they can detect lies and ascertain truth, like sniffing out witches, but studies find no such ability to find truth or lies exists.

Good looking people receive lesser penalties, presumably from the instinct to judge well-constituted people less harshly than the poorly constituted. Judges give different penalties for the same crime depending on the time of day, suggesting they are in a hurry for lunch or too tired to assess rationally. Lie detectors only prove nervousness at the situation.

In any case, justice is unequal, as perhaps it should be, remembering that "one law for the lion and ox is oppression."

We see justice is based on superstitious thinking, capricious, and open-minded about accepting sworn testimony about things they imagine they saw, heard, felt, and maybe remembered in a particular way exactly as they happened many years ago when the event in question occurred.

This is where the author thought he was done, unaware of what he had opened. Not only is justice this collection of superstitious fantasies and illusions cast into custom, but every facet of civilization is built from a similar mix of reason, fantasy, mistake, happenstance, and fiction unified into a whole that stands with self-assurance of its durable applicability.

It neither doubts itself nor feels a need to check. Contrary information is tacitly ignored, prompting no structural correction or rebalancing. It keeps on as before, certain it is sensible, functionally sound, and ideally formed, despite awareness it is irrational, structurally flawed, and founded on primitive notions long ago recognized as wrong.

The wheel was used into the 19th century Foucault tried to clarify human folly by giving a history of punishment, showing that in all ages it remains the same presumptuous act, performed violently with good intentions to help teach the person it is done to, yet other than harming someone, it changes nothing.

As neither the moneyed interests nor clever lawyers care to assess the rules of the legal game and better tune them to reality, we should not expect any reevaluations in other areas of civilization founded on grossly erroneous principles.

Instead, expect failing systems to release pressure by becoming increasingly permissive while calling this need progress, which implies infinite permissiveness without scrutiny and historical comparison would be the best of all.

January 17, 2016

Repetition Despite Situation

We can't solve traffic, yet report it and send money to fix it, achieving nothing with this flaccid activity Public radio turtles up for its beating, as if passively waiting for an impartial referee to end the contest for lack of intelligent defense.

Every major city is overwhelmed by traffic, forcing moderns to either bypass traffic spiritually through transcendent detachment from society, physically by avoiding a common schedule or need to commute, or use of real-time data to find the least overrun side streets. In all cases, we've given up on government's ability to fix the problem, yet keep giving them money out of custom.

It is curious to be in a society in observations of its egregious errors and lack of focus. You can't really communicate with examples of its minds, but want a glimpse of the type of thinking behind this pattern of failure to take sensible decisions.

Waze offers some insight. Intended as an aggregate monitor to avoid traffic, it also alerts motorists about hidden speed traps. This is largely defeated by users displaying compliant autism by marking school traffic guards and visible police already engaged with roadside motorists so that the "police reported ahead" alert is transformed from information to noise. Other users pile on by reporting harmless disabled or parked cars on the shoulders so frequent "vehicle on shoulder ahead" announcements follow. This is only helpful if you don't have a fancy car with luxury features like a transparent windshield.

Who is your fellow citizen? He is literal and sees nothing wrong with making factual matches that destroy systems because he does not have awareness of what his actions accomplish. He has no consideration for the purpose or consequences of following instructions, nor ability to work through what those instructions will accomplish.

Meanwhile, public radio keeps giving out traffic information, which like weather is basically the same as yesterday, and in any case you'll deal with whatever it is. Insignificant and customary traffic will be reported anyway, and anything else is way behind traffic trends tracked by apps.

These attempts at communication are what you'd expect from robots or former professional boxers after a long career. While technically correct, they are wildly irrelevant and will require great effort to get them to stop doing things that add noise and don't make sense.

The tools are great, but the users who corrupt them are atrocious.

January 16, 2016

Cold Blood

It is called cold blooded because that is the opposite of what it is, which is how they name things when emotions run high.

Specific traits were recognized by those envious of them, i.e. those who did not possess them yet admired and desired what nature freely gave others, so for revenge they describe them with slander.

Who considers, measures, scrutinizes, organizes, and by instinct uses chains of reason to assess short and long term outcomes? Those for whom consequences are most severe because they had formative evolution in harsh, long winters that require planning under penalty of death.

Those who survived this for many generations do it effortlessly today because it is part of their nature. Others seek to possess reason by taking classes, studying its use, and trying to apply rules that feel foreign and strange.

Those from the cold have warm blood, not cold reptile blood that requires the sun for energy and movement.

When you see slander, it is first detected as a lie, and then you see the envy and desire for harming another for revenge.

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