A Short Guide to Youth Living

Jesus Youth is one of the most difficult periods in life. The mind is becoming aware of the vast world, sometimes taking it too seriously, sometimes taking appearances for reality, usually missing the best and most subtle things in life, and generally troubling oneself too much about what plentiful fools think is important. All of this is compounded by living with one's parents because of being unable to live alone, having no developed or useful skills that the world cares about, and desiring to be viewed as an adult and live as an adult despite the aforementioned circumstances.

For all of this, a certain tolerance of the situation is necessary along with action for plans to make your future into something that will sustain you throughout life. Everything in due time, but make sure to be ready for better opportunities when they are ready to accept you.

September 4, 2004

People who live chaotically are amusing to watch from a distance, but their refusal of stability means they never build towards anything and never end up anywhere. If you care for someone who gravitates toward chaos, lend them a kind hand if you think they want out, but do not let them pull you into their storm of nihilism.

If you seek to escape from reality, you will only be disappointed when you realize one day that reality persists despite an individual's crippled perception of it. If you are a drug user out of boredom then you are wasting the freedom of youth and the great potential of your free time.

Since entertainment is defined as trite amusement that consumes a person's time while also extracting money for services rendered, it seems strange that anyone thoughtful would participate in such things. If you find your friends asking you to waste time pursuing entertainment, perhaps you could suggest something meaningful and intelligent instead -- or kindly refuse such invitations if they are too lazy and dull to desire something better.

In youth you will be at your greatest level of health. Strive to exercise, eat well, and sleep well, while avoiding smoking and other detrimental habits. If you treat yourself with care you can be in good health for decades to come, plus you'll be more energetic, attractive, and able to think clearly.

The employment a youth can find is typically relegated to menial opportunities, such as fast food, physical labor, cashier work, or office staffing. It is important to realize that without skills, an employee is of no great value to a business and is easily replaceable. The main thing to gain from such jobs is a realization of how businesses operate, how adults interact, and how you don't want to be doing that sort of work five years from now.

It isn't wise to emulate losers or the loser lifestyle. People who talk about rebellion and dye their hair weird colors and get tattoos and weird piercings are only doing society a favor by marking themselves for immediate recognition as losers. If you aren't a loser, avoid the media propaganda of "individualism" that promotes the herding of losers for easy identification. Success, ability, and skills are impressive - losers are little more than failures at life who celebrate their ineptitude.

It might be a cliche adopted by pop-psychologists, but in order to find love, you must first love yourself. If you hop around from partner to partner unable to share your inner thoughts, desires, hopes, and feelings with someone, you will be no better than a brick wall unable to be close to others and experience the love others offer. Find a good soul and take a chance, for there will be several chances, but don't be a closed-off wanderer without direction.

Whatever bands you like will be forgotten and irrelevant in a few years. In addition, they aren't really that good - anyone can play instruments and write songs with a few years practice. Bands are a music product and the band members are either businessmen making a living or they like the ego stroke of having adoring fans. Further, any lyrics written by bands are sophomoric pop garbage. If you want to read intelligent and creative ideas that are relevant to non-trivial aspects of life, start with Shakespeare, Goethe, Pound, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche.

Your parents generally mean well but are often imperfect in their efforts to do their best. In many cases they do know better than you what you should do, not to mention that order, structure, and discipline are essential for people to learn early in life for success later. If conflicts arise and rational discussion becomes impossible, it is best to accept their wishes and make alternative plans that can be accomplished within their rules. If a few years, your reflection on your loss of freedom will seem very small and unimportant.

While often unsatisfying, it is important to do well in school and finish, and for most intelligent people to go to college and be introduced to an overview of western civilization. Fifty years ago, an American high school education was like a college education today. As society continues its decline into a mediocre forced equality, those who don't want to slip further into the ignorant average masses should also learn how to educate themselves instead of taking the worthless route of being consumers of popular idiot culture.

The alienated and socially awkward often find acceptance from other alienated, awkward youth by acting out roles, from being punks with purple hair and weird clothes to goths wearing black and pretending to be evil. However, this not only keeps well adjusted people away, but also provides the actors with no self-discovery from playing their role; only the eventual realization that such acting is not fulfilling, followed by a recognition of the absurdity of the act and how much time was wasted in conforming to foolishness.

Tattoos and Piercings
It is trendy today to get tattoos and non-conventional piercings, but such impulses will in short order seem stupid and leave lasting regret. If your friends think tattoos and piercings are cool, they are well conditioned by degenerate culture (MTV, Hollywood, NYC), but don't realize that such fashions only serve to make it easy to identify the obedient followers of trendiness.
(See losers)