Jesus loves you
Take the Jesus Compatibility Quiz

Prospective respondents can rate their compatibility with Jesus and introduce themselves to him through this convenient quiz. If you are interested in spending time together with me, please take a few minutes to see if you are suited for the voyage I wish to share with a special woman.

Not all questions have a single correct answer. In cases where you don't see a perfect answer, choose the closest answer offered. Don't overthink any question. The entire quiz should only take a few minutes to complete.

I. Making Reality Happen

I find reality to be the most interesting thing that two people can share with each other. These questions help me to understand exactly what you're looking for. Since my interest is primarily in dating women in my local area, perhaps you want to share that reality with me.

1. You want to:
a) meet Jesus for fun
b) get to know Jesus better
c) go out with Jesus
d) date Jesus
e) bathe with Jesus
2. You live:
a) in northern Virginia
b) near northern Virginia
c) elsewhere, but will fly into town to meet him
d) elsewhere, but have space for him to crash if he visits
3. You are:
a) single and looking
b) single but not looking
c) married
d) divorced
e) apathetic
4. You think Jesus is:
a) a sex symbol
b) an interesting guy
c) a celebrity
d) a middle eastern religious teacher
5. You want to verify for yourself that Jesus has:
a) a big tub
b) a big house
c) big feet
d) all of the above
6. You see the physical depiction of Jesus as:
a) a metaphor
b) a mask
c) a filter
d) an abomination

II. Physical

Though liberals assert that we are not physical creatures, I think there is a physical reality which is part of the chemistry between people. When we meet, we'll find out for sure.

1. Your hair is:
a) dyed
b) natural
c) unnatural
d) experimental
2. Your hair color is:
a) auburn
b) black
c) blonde
d) brown
3. Your eye color is:
a) blue
b) brown
c) green
d) hazel
4. Your body shape is:
a) lean
b) athletic
c) average
d) slightly overweight
e) large
5. You have:
a) children
b) no children
c) a cat
d) a television
6. Your desire for children is:
a) certain
b) uncertain
c) absent
d) contingent

III. Worldview

I always like to know what people think about the world in which we live. The society that we create is supposed to reflect our mutual aspiration and ideals. What have you found in the offerings of society?

1. Art is:
a) expression
b) aesthetics
c) entertainment
d) rebellion
2. Television is:
a) a wonderful offering of enlightened ideas
b) the great monkey magnet
c) an offshoot of experiments by Friedrich Anton Mesmer
d) packed with aspiration, honesty, and usefulness
3. Love is:
a) duty, obligation, submission, and compromise
b) merely a word
c) something you can read about but can't live
d) a shared reality of belief in another's eternal spirit
4. Democracy is:
a) the most efficient form of government possible
b) important to help everyone feel equal
c) a broken system that is useful to profiteers
d) the pinnacle of human achievement
5. A woman's place is:
a) in the home
b) in the office
c) complimentary to a man
d) without bound or teleology
6. Life is:
a) meaningless
b) everlasting, if you eternally serve a middle eastern god
c) a miracle we experience each day
d) paradoxical

IV. Situational

Please tell me about your personality and the unique characteristics that make you who you are.

1. When faced with possibility, you tend to be:
a) timid
b) brave
c) skeptical
d) inquisitive
2. When you say something, it is
a) real
b) predictable
c) soothing
d) imaginary
3. When someone is open and honest, you tend to be:
a) intrigued
b) illusive
c) formal
d) reciprocal
4. After recognizing infinite potential, you tend to:
a) do nothing
b) seek routine
c) aspire towards actualization
d) dream about the future
5. When events happen in life, you tend to believe:
a) everything happens for a reason
b) everything happens without reason
c) we make the future for ourselves
d) change must happen externally
6. When events happen in life:
a) they make sense
b) they make you wonder
c) they make you happy
d) they make you thankful

V. Picture

Please attach a few pictures of yourself.

2. (optional)
3. (optional)

VI. Misc

This will let me know what I should call you and how to get in touch in case we are a match.


Please add anything additional you'd like to share about yourself or any clarifications to your answers that you'd like to offer.