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Egyptian Cotton Towels
For just a little more money than plain cotton towels, Egyptian cotton provides a softer, more absorbent, and longer lasting material. While Egyptian cotton is a good choice for all of your cotton needs, it is especially recommended for bath towels.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND Bed, Bath & Beyond

Fiskars scissors, saws, and blades
If you've ever had miserable experiences with useless scissors or saws that didn't work properly, buy products from Fiskars and never again suffer from shoddy products.

I-D Glide
I-D Glide is a wonderful water-based, latex-friendly lubricant for people who enjoy the slippery side of life. No matter what your lubrication needs entail, this product will ensure the wet glide that you enjoy. Also available in twelve tasty flavors and sizes up to 72oz for the most devoted lube lover.

Kohler Bathroom Products
Like anything else, bathroom products can either be well designed or poorly designed. Kohler decided to design them well for people who appreciate the value of details. When you build or redesign your bathroom, be sure to make use of Kohler's great catalog of high quality products.

Natuzzi Leather
Top quality leather, hand crafted in Italy and available in nearly any color or design if you can be patient enough to wait 6-8 months for an elegantly made sofa and loveseat. Don't settle for less - get the best in leather design with Natuzzi.

OXO Kitchen Products
These ergonomically thoughtful tools have a focus on design to ensure that they function effectively instead of being merely another useless democratically compromised piece of junk.

Williams Sonoma Utensils
You can buy plastic utensils that won't make you happy, might leak into the food you cook, and will soon break and have to be thrown away, or you can buy solid stainless steel utensils. Choices like this are easy, even for mortals.

Caution: Do your research before considering Simple Green cleaner.

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