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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 25, 2022

Amongst the Natural

Laugh at devils wishing our imprisonment
The gates won't hold
Free spirits run riot
Jails will falter
Golden geese flee unfettered
Disguised and slyly dissipated
Duress bequeathed to tyrants
Left controlling all of nothing
Desperate grotesque faces unmasked

Skepticism follows from observing instances of decline. You could spend a lifetime noting what not to do, only establishing warnings without positive guidance for action.

You wisely take care not to destroy what is precious or tolerate such acts, for nothing can be resurrected. Frantic activity after devastation or erosive neglect is drama, not saving pragmatism.

Danger of prolonged hesitation, whether general abandonment, escapism, or perpetual adolescence. Waiting is an error. Not only will a previous opportunity not reappear despite patient desire or confidence of readiness, your chance to spend your time cultivating a result has been occupied by nonsense stemming from poor judgment. Opportunities for the good should be seized and affirmed by deeds; threats of a possible bad situation necessitate nothing.

Most messages are created seeking profit or compliance. Their tellers don't care what happens to those who follow. Accordingly, it's appropriate to ignore messages desiring an audience so you can prudently quarantine from sociopaths.

Suggestions are a hard find. Nearly all advice is useless. Telling someone something they don't want to hear and haven't yet figured out will either be misunderstood or defensively tuned out. First the listener must acknowledge their footing, then know the approximate direction they want to explore.

Secular faiths willfully mislead as scheming parasites on inherent religious instincts. They collect backsliding believers devoted to proselytizing ideological fantasies as the true gifts of salvation for mankind. Have you heard the good news? The sick is equal to the healthy; the ugly is beautiful; sterility is fecundity; exhaustion is strength; insanity is lucidity; disorder is well designed.

Could you help someone find enough distance that they could see a situation for what it is? Without urge to defend foibles and shortcomings, they could see that the necessary had been left undone while much was squandered on trivial distractions.

Successful function tells you about reality. You must strike carefully and avoid taking a beating that will take you off course from your purpose.

Mayweather never got hit. Hopkins was not hit. Tyson's evasive defense was impregnable. By not suffering accumulated deterioration, they retained a sustained arsenal for prolific years while lesser peers had suffered crumble and departed without remedy.

Those who are worn become quickly limited: tight and retracted, no longer quick, nimble, and dazzling. They can retreat to stay afloat from cleverness and wisdom but will never be dynamic again.

Plain, simple; plainer, simpler. Minimal apparatus and dependencies. Ready for unplanned scenarios and of good spirit to face all things as they are. When traditional paths appear blocked, a new way around!

You must live it -- hearing of someone else's experience bypasses an understanding of its essence. Keep in mind that you are a link, not an end, and you must perform the necessary as that role, as we all must.

Not to correct anyone (as individuals are inconsequential), but to demonstrate alliance with what is true, strong, and beautiful. You show the succession of steps by which someone reaches your state as well as a visible counterexample for those claiming it impossible. Celebration of possibility with appendix of challenges to conquer; also mockery of mutterers who do nothing and curse great deeds. May many more adventurers seek success innocently by relentlessly setting about their course, paying no mind to feeble voices.

Novelty is triviality, just another meaningless random aggregation. Far better to show a good and definitive version of a conquesting type that summons demonstrable results out of nothingness.

What endures for centuries yet unseen? That is what your behavior can use as a lighthouse among the darkness.

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