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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 24, 2022

Art of Life

The art of life is
to stay true to unconsciousness
remaining unbroken as oneself
loyal only to right
neither internalizing lunacy
nor engaging its agents in folly

Not to think of what to think
best to leave well enough alone
for social cares equip manipulation
empty-handed monsters coerce and cajole
promulgating depraved doctrines of inversion
enforced by ugly witless conscripts
reluctantly complicit in fraud
resigned to serving calamitous rulers
crusading for a secular religion
with apostles of a crooked creed

Despots fortify paltry preselections
curated solutions to phony crises
badgering to trod their dismal path
urging you accede to their dead-ends
conditions they deliberately create
ensnaring you in a fictional world
insisting you renounce realizations
tangled up in illusions to exhaust fight
spreading confusion to obscure clarity
hiding away exemplars good and strong
encouraging impotent twaddle
without which their control collapses

They can make you obey anything
even what cannot be believed
to attend to nonsense
turn you against what is truly yours
compel you to curse the sacred
teach you to praise destruction
consent to public degradation
ponder pointless spectacles
created to lure and waste your time
devitalize until docile
accept humiliation and insults
and still you follow their lead
until one day you tune them out

The inner flame still flickers
steady despite constriction
harboring sense toward veracity
when given shelter from noise
distant from what corrupts sensation
just as the wild rests untrampled
inherent perception returns
regenerated, no longer crippled

What lunatics want matters not
their rule sowing ruinous pestilence
you shall remain unimpaired
durably unmoved by pestering insects
heedless of crazy lies and promises
deceit alone calls them important
to distract from what matters

Eventually their madness repels
you return to the serene eternal
to examine, discover for yourself
no law can prevent awareness
when outward expression is forbidden
say nothing of hidden truths
in calm you see the way clearly
their chatter buzzes so strange
crazed need for costumed imposture
lumbering external apparatus
hiding naked substance
grave perversions and grim shams
deranged maniacs extolling mass suicide

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I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone.
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