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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 22, 2022

Wish Not

There are few worse conditions than to wish for the world to be other than it is. After a superficial look at a single unfavorable situation, the self-made victim declares desire for the broad underpinnings of reality to be replaced.

The wish is uttered as a petty complaint, not a statement of insightful intent to reorganize relations within the whole or to alter inherent qualities towards nuanced refinement. It reveals unacceptance of life through impotent hope for passive magic to somehow fundamentally modify nature for temporary personal convenience.

They object to understandings based upon function by insisting there is a need for a fantastical transformation of nature into a new structure that is not possible to achieve, certainly not with their mediocre abilities.

They are not revolutionaries out of a surplus of creative imagination, nor do they offer any new suggestions from careful study. They have only resentment expressed as a tantrum through a hackneyed recitation of sterile phrases gathered from other idlers.

Preferring opportunity for heroic action, we are not compelled by dull fantasies. We are centered by an understanding acceptance. Each event rests upon a thousand earlier prerequisites, and shifting any one of these would move us far away from where we stand now in consideration, or topple us completely.

Nor do we wish to change the past. Whatever happened behind us is gone and out of reach. We let go of the strange hazy dream. Little of significance can be uncovered by contemplation of old errors and misunderstandings floating beyond change or clarity. Better to forgive and forget. We fix our gaze upon what can still be made and is worthy of demanding efforts.

We do not wish anything altered, for everything is appropriate to its conditions. Many happy accidents within the fog are birthed from ignorance, but also many bitter losses and shortcomings that we necessary to sharpen our focus for greater tasks.

Errors of mismeasurement about the nature of will and possibility are useful lessons. You cannot infuse substance from hope, nor conjure contrary trajectories. Any moment or sequence you wish to revise is long past and cannot be reconstituted or reanimated.

All we have is now and the future. A new way forward beckons.

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