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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 14, 2022

Narratives are Stillborn

You don't want to buttress any narrative. It tries to prove a big lie to extract pledges of compliance for the lie through coercion and conjuring. Some people will obey any demand for compliance, and their role is to be fleeced. Their fate and the dreams of the schemers will play out for a while.

It is not your job to cheer for the regime and its phony ideologies. Neither must you fight any narrative. Assume they are all basically the same type of deception game. There's no depth to any narrative -- just shallow wordplay, fraud, and baseless assertions of untruth some group thinks could be profitable if they can cajole enough of the public to buy cheap lies and expensively call them true.

Narratives are either reached by errors of hubris or a deliberate con created to produce profit for elites upon public adoption.

The official record can be scrubbed to make narratives almost seem true. The past is easily revised, data sets altered or hidden, wacky explanations endorsed by authoritative people, and history removed. Curators bless certain narratives sources and silence dissenters. Alternatives are gradually taken away until only the narrative remains, and no trace remains of what was known before. This isn't a rational debate, but a show of power. Disobedience is heavily penalized rather than treated as just another opinion or preference. Education teaches the narrative, keeping a few traces of alternative ideas for strawman misrepresentations. Only a fool or wicked soul would reject the fashionable narrative of the moment.

Whatever the narrative, it is stillborn and not worth reacting to. They can be safely ignored without missing anything important.

Second best is ridicule and mockery, but without weighty concern. You are not insulting anything that matters. The operations that push narratives will of course cause great damage, but you can't stop that. Such ruin is part and parcel of living among narratives.

What dishonest and crazy people say is not your business. It is perfectly authentic for them to act as they are, and for you to ignore their nonsense with no interest in their blather.

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