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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 13, 2022

Primordial Errors

For a while, everything you do will be wrong. It will be so wrong you'll not realize the depths of its error.

At first there is no starting point from which to know right. You will only find right by lucky accident. Most will not notice what is right or remember it for later reconsideration.

There is no initial knowledge of right and wrong, nor good and bad. There are only fools repeating what they were told by other fools and clever schemers communicating to extract compliance. Fools cite supposed authorities but can't work through the basic reasoning for what they claim to believe.

They've never seen good examples of anything by which to establish a crude standard to begin to assess. They praise the inferior and ignore excellence. Best to measure all things for yourself.

No one who has gone beyond will give you useful critique or point you to answers. It is good they do not, as you need to work through solutions yourself. Solutions by themselves are not helpful when not understood. What is essential is knowing what is involved in arriving at them.

It's important not to get entrenched in early findings, as they lack direction and context. Change horses when useful. Costly excursions bumbling around often uncover hints at refinement and relations for prospective consolidation. Many attempts are needed to find out the shape and substance of unseeable possibilities. Try what seems worthwhile, or to find out what something is made of. When stuck, get lighter and radically venture another direction.

There are periods of great doubt and suffering. You are made to endure them honorably, and pass through them bravely. What seems large today will seem so small later.

Laugh freely and often. Take none of it too seriously. It's mostly fools acting foolishly.

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