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  March 12, 2022

Witches Are To Blame

Those who were not peasants had significant latitude. Much was expected of them, and those who failed to attain expectations faced severe treatment.

When bad results occurred, some attempted to shirk responsibility for their incompetence by blaming scapegoats, the classic way to obfuscate public understanding by creating a dramatic spectacle to prevent careful study of what actually happened. With enough accomplices repeating lavish praise on incompetent leaders by calling them wise geniuses, it is possible to string together a successful public career with only a string of failures to one's name.

Whether the mistake was a lazy failure to prepare properly, or a terribly ignorant misjudgment, blaming witches remains a common choice for dishonest schemers. After all, the witch and her guilty accomplices can be sacrificed without any loss, and sometimes can serve a double purpose of eliminating enemies by getting them convicted of witchcraft.

Whatever the calamitous situation was, it was probably just a one time event. The strategy of putting witches to death cannot be shown to be wrong and allows the witches to be seen as the cause of the action, giving solace to those who suffered from the bad event. The next bad event will just blame different witches. Before undertaking an action that will obviously end badly, it's wise to declare that witches are already present and are threatening to unleash witchcraft upon the planned benevolent undertaking.

The public should be perpetually primed to hear about the threat of witchcraft and cheer for switch public action to liquidate witches to restore utopia.

Inquiries into witchcraft do not get into function or any underlying study of the actual causal factors culminating in the disastrous event.

Instead, the proof of witchcraft depends upon torture and false testimony to establish narratives proving not only were witches present at the event, but plotted the disaster, conspired to unfold terror, and possess inherent malice because everyone knows that is how witches behave.

Whether your news comes from the town crier (who serves at the pleasure of the powerful), printed words (controlled by editors who serve the powerful), or an internet company (controlled by those who determine which narratives can be discussed), it's all the same.

Any disaster can be papered over with a sufficient narrative so that responsible parties can transfer blame to witches. The official news is brought to compliance with the narrative. Official action follows by punishing witches in accordance with the law. Anything contrary to the narrative or lawful result is misinformation subject to censorship and surely lowers one's social credit score.

The incompetent are safely off the hook again, never responsible for what they do.

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