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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 4, 2022

Nothing At All

I enthusiastically told her I liked depression and it made me happy, and she laughed. Surely being down was clarifying and a thousands times more honest than letting oneself drift away and become lost in false optimism, hope, and fantasies that will never happen.

Nor would any sensible person want to take pills to provide the same delusions of happiness, unless they were being philosophers trying something out once to understand it directly, its relations, and those who undertake such behavior.

One by one, each externality that nudges and deludes solely to influence you for its own purposes is cut out and interpreted as a mix of sad and comical, like a tiny rat dog barking aggressively to project the image of a raw force of nature commanding the world rather than an impotent tiny rat dog.

So little is of relevance and consequence. The worthless is avoided and cleared away to remove the cost of reaction and its distraction from purpose.

Just as every advertisement thinks itself more important than information, and thus believes it has the right to intrude and interrupt, such a predisposition also reminds that members of groups exhibiting related behaviors should be summarily removed. A perfect day has no intrusions or interruptions, and so we organize our lives to enjoy many perfect days by removing the potential wickedness of disruptive forces.

We laugh at the crudity of selfish motives thinking themselves preeminent, and the audacity of scams that imperil others and limit the potential of humanity for the puny interests of trivial players.

They are insidious rat dogs beckoning mockery and pity, for they can do no other than exhibit ridiculous rat dog behavior. No one can expect them to act contrary to their nature, and their nature is a sad case. Most recognize their condition and avoid it, yet some interpret it differently and give power to rat dogs. This is why we see them yapping in public trying to bring others under their spell.

Neither have they capacity to honor life, by which they could gradually direct their behavior to sensible ends.

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