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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 21, 2014

Pale Princess

Porcelain skin with fiery red hair. As soon as I met her bright green eyes, I knew she was mine, and I don't even like Irish girls: undirected, compulsive, and disharmonious -- no wonder they are called degenerate and non-European. I prefer a blue-eyed Scot from good reason and experience.

She had a short skirt showing lean athletic legs, sealing the deal. There could be a hundred explanations, all plausible and false, constructed post hoc. The truth was I had decided I wanted her, so the matter was settled, all logistics to be accommodated, charm and attention unleashed in full, her vulnerabilities recognized and exploited to make her mine for a while. There's no need to fake a reason when it's just desire.

Strange stray cats wander to your doorstep, staying for some milk before they meander back to their haunts. Not much different from trash that blows onto your yard, everything needing to get to the place it is going along the path that it takes.

An action without deliberation isn't based on need or sense, just ability to do it. When life has degraded into a purposeless floating without goals, it's little more than a boring waiting game for things to bump into. You can do anything, but only the convenient is chosen, because it's easy, not valuable. Accordingly, no good ending is expected -- it's mostly subsistence socializing without a plan, like trapping animals in the wilderness so you have something to consume for a while before having to move on and get another one.

Sometimes when prey offers themselves up too easily, you begin to wonder what mechanism of nature builds purposeful schemes in being so easily attained, pursuing its own strategy by luring the hubristic with an apparently easy feast, unaware that at the same time the predator is being anchored to unforeseen despair, and perhaps demise.

Stray cats are often misunderstood from their outward appearance and warm response as cute, kind, appreciative creatures. We wish to be deceived by the adorable present, taking no care to consider their pasts and the undisclosed choices that left them scrounging alone.

You rarely see the historic actions that honed them into the savage, desolate, opportunistic animals they really are.

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