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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 19, 2011


your equals Even when celebrities are paid millions of dollars to entertain bored spectators, they are little more than well paid jesters, amusing a crowd of peasants instead of a single ruler. Whether they throw a ball around, sing, or act, they do so on a fixed schedule, often determined years in advance. They are not free to do as they wish, but must perform as their masters have decided, and must do so with sufficiently believable enthusiasm as to portray that they find repetition of the same act to be of incredible interest.

Corporate Lords live in the same dungeon. World-class CEOs can earn vast sums, but can't retire until they are too old to make much use of it. Instead, they spend decades streamlining operating procedures -- neither interesting nor rewarding, except for the useless money accumulated.

Look at wealth collectors like Bill Gates, who has no talents or curiosities, so rather than retiring at 25 or 30 and doing something interesting with his life, spent decades of long days directing the production of mediocre products. After finally retiring at 52, he now devotes his time to bleeding heart projects that increase third world overpopulation and bring about consequences that could be achieved faster and with much less expense by hiring a few hundred thousand laborers to clear cut forests, poison large water supplies, and salt fertile farmlands.

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