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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 11, 2008


However certain and sure footed our plotted path, we are irresistibly compelled to new considerations when the absurdly improbable appears before us. It is easy to accept oneself as unusual and incomprehensible to others, to dismiss mortals as hopelessly lacking in thoughts, inner spark, and experiences necessary for an inspired life, or to see aspects of their character as fatally flawed. These comfortable assumptions are immediately overturned when an exception arrives and we consider the possibility of being understood and sharing something better than solitude and silence, or at least different.

"Why have we been walking separately in the same direction when we could walk together for a while? You are no stranger; we speak at least one common tongue. Surely we have a few worthy stories and secrets to exchange. Like comfortable old friends, we shall talk into the night, and perhaps for a long while thereafter."

Mullah Omar had his bin Laden. Each initially saw the other as naive, misguided, but also curiously interesting, steadfast, and fearless -- potentially great partners for adventure if they could ever agree on what they would like to do and stop disagreeing about everything else. For that, time casts perspective on lucky meetings so that rare possibilities are not smothered by petty differences.

"Let us not bicker or stand apart on account of disagreements. What do little opinions and details matter in the scheme of things? What we could achieve together is all that is important."

Here we are in our restlessness and chaos, however troubling seem our excesses and protruding corners. But the difficult edges of our personalities are navigable and often harbor a core as warm and tender as the exterior is abrasive and inhospitable, well crafted to fiercely drive away vagrants and vandals. We are appropriately loyal to ourselves and our soulmates, accepting both truth and consequences.

"You have done this? So be it! No explanation is necessary. I trust in you and all fate. Now let us play it out in full until the end, come what may."

A docile, ripe world waits to be taken and unveil its secrets to the brave and daring. Though solitary you begin and are content to remain, a soulmate can appear when you least expect it, transforming your journey with the gentlest questions, rarest light, and most subtle textures. If you reinterpret your journey as constituting mere form, you will see how your soulmate helps to endow it with substance.

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I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone.
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