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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 15, 2008

Do something, do anything

Nietzsche advocates an almost feral way of life as a way to break through paralysis, whether caused by society, self, or other. As a "physician of the soul", he avoids easy dogmatic solutions by prescribing no specific method or goal. What matters is having your own calling and obeying your inner nature's will for exemplifying a particular possibility, often a range of moving possibilities over time. By connecting with what moves us, taking action to affirm our wishes becomes inevitable -- a sort of magic.

Assuming your childhood was like mine, you will know the magic of thinking "the world (or at least my world) should have [x] in it, thus I will create it by doing [w,y,z], regardless of what others say should be or not be done, for my decision is correct, aligned with the universe, and just, and will be seen as such when it is birthed." This is wildness, a spirit not destroyed, a dreamer who creates without restraint, and it is also a spark of genius that is often natural in childhood without needing to be taught and can only be lost by being snuffed out.

Moralists will say it is irresponsible for people to make their own choices, meaning they want a society that is normative, standardized at the level of an educated person who competently repeats newspaper cliches, professors, and television programs but cannot form a critical thought. Nothing happens in that stagnant utopia because everyone who could exhibit magic is too timid or uncertain of themselves -- a sickness that was not there in the innocence of youth. But what do the voices of sheep herders matter? Let those driven by fire light up the world.

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