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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 16, 2008

Muß es sein? Es Muß sein!

Beethoven named the last movement of his final quartet "Der schwer gefaßte Entschluß" (The difficult decision), labeling a key thematic motif "Muß es sein? Es muß sein!" (Must it be? It must be!"). This is a transcendent statement despite having the appearance of a direct, practical approach.

Stages of perspective:
a) an assertion of will; "I want this outcome, thus I shall make it be."
b) a transformation; "I have dreamed it and wish to carry it further into the broader world."
c) acceptance; "What I want is not important in the scheme of things, but neither can I deny the world. Thus I embrace fate, come what will."
d) a daring, curious, fearless faith; "Let us not delay, but go forth into the mystery of mysteries. What awaits there is appropriate and right, for it can be no other way."


    Autumn approaches with uncanny distinction
    But today still eternal golden rays shine
    Orange leaves portent months of slumber
    And still life goes on as it must

    A day sacred, tender, savored
    Soon it will be gone, reduced to a memory
    We will long again for precious, fleeting joy
    And it too will return, as it must

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