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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 29, 2008

Using Reason as Idolatry

So little that is rationalized has a rational basis. Perhaps nothing at all can be defended as rational if you dare to look far enough down the rabbit hole. Whence does rationality originate? Trace any claim of rational decision and you will find a feat of spontaneous creativity invented after an event and rhetoricalized into a first cause, barely different from how clever politicians and priests ascribe blame to irrelevant actions and take credit for natural events. The formal reasoning and claim of intent is only constructed after the actual event is already in motion.

When it comes to the action of instinct, an entire world exists that rational facilities can at best observe the unknown from a distance. Why do you prefer one thing to something else, find a motivation to perform an action, or form any decision? Claims of knowledge of consciousness are only guesses and well crafted self-deception. One can speculate to derive rules from superficial commonalities observed from a limited survey of previous events, but no matter what they are called, they are never more than speculation measured afterward.

Our attraction to another is likewise intricate animal instinct with its own internal language. While intelligent conversation with the rare creature capable of thinking and communicating is delightful, attraction is an organic dance both participants perform most innocently when uninterrupted by attempts to provide commentary on what was already sensed and effortlessly acted upon. A natural wisdom has been stored and accumulated over generations, needing no justifying exegesis for what was already unconsciously decided.

Here too, reason can only look around cluelessly after attraction is detected, consider what it has in common with other attractions we have previously experienced, and then contort the awareness of attraction into words, at which point those words are already reduced to irrelevant trivia. Just as there is a physical intelligence that removes a hand from a hot stove without a detailed study of the physical and moral considerations, so too does attraction reach a quick and sensible action without ponderous deliberations.

The insistence on applying fraudulent overintellectualized explanations keeps alive the ignorant misunderstanding that a singular dictatorship of deliberate thinking is the source of all action, when more correctly such reasoning is a boasting, speculative, gossiping afterthought that at no point has contact with or direct knowledge of the actual motivating force. Reason, when extended far beyond its domain, is a busybody and tabloid journalist, making wild and entertaining presumptions and guesses because it lacks substantial information to convey.

You do best to honor life by leaving it unburdened with the needless addition of popular fiction.

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