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  September 10, 2008

Pushing the Deck of Cards

In a city leveraged by political machinery, it was unexpected that a press conference held today would specifically remind us that a two-party Democracy is an absurd charade. With both parties in agreement over all major issues, President Bush's approval rating hovering around 30%, and Congressional approval ratings under 20%, looking for "change" by altering the name of the party in control yields little when both parties have pledged to implement the exact same failed policies.

The deficit has been steadily growing, government expanding, liberty decreasing, and still there is no political representation for the majority held positions opposing the Iraqi war, restrictions on civil liberties, and deficit spending.

Because neither of the two major candidates support what the majority wants, the media encourages people to support the "lesser of two evils" which ensures people receive at least a modest dose of evil. They also cast their vote in favor of what they don't really want, making a mockery of voting. Some people are fearful of what one candidate would do to the country and vote for the other who will do about the same, while other people see through this silly game and refuse to participate.

Today's approach calls the bluff by rejecting the closed two-party system that has proven its shortage of solutions and demands an open discussion about political ideas. Only time will tell whether there is a way to get public servants to listen to the people instead of forcing them to make a losing choice between two unpalatable options.

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