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  January 13, 2008

The Fruits of Progress: American Wealth, Health, and Education

At every opportunity, Americans are told by mainstream media that their current society is the best possible configuration and superior to all other previous societies. Their leaders call themselves the wisest possible leaders, and despite great personal wealth, their sole interest in leadership is to help the poor, weak, stupid, and powerless because it is not fair to be born with low capability.

Statistics show the United States ranked high in 1950 but has since fallen in all major categories. The reasons for this and the source of the change are never investigated or discussed.

America's feeling of "wealth" comes from having debt of over $48 trillion. This comes to over $160,000 per person, or over $640,000 for a family of four.

Basic family expenses have more than doubled over 30 years, while discretionary income has remained steady.

As real wealth declines, husbands alone can no longer afford to support a family alone. Women are now sent to work, and their children are raised by strangers.

Health declines, with people eating more cheap, junk food and watching entertainment programs instead of accomplishing anything.

How would you have time to do anything in your life if you are watching television all day long? How could you think if your brain was pumped full of idiotic nonsense for hours every day?

Education has declined from being a world leader in 1950 to now no longer being competitive against advanced nations and barely beating third world nations in basic standards.

Children raised in America tend to be poor, unhealthy, uneducated, in broken families, and behave badly. If once a world leader, the United States is now resting at the bottom of first world nations and is poised to soon become a third world nation.

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