What a Man Does

Jesus Over the last 40 years, man has been shaped into an effeminate being who consequently no longer has any function or purpose. Modern man has not only lost sight of his path, but perhaps never saw it. He stands for nothing, he risks nothing, he accomplishes nothing. Instead he makes empty promises and boasts, cries with you, and shares suffering while he "feels your pain", but will take no action to confront any real problem or make any judgment because that would surely hurt someone's feelings.

All of this is silly and self-destructive, because it makes no sense to work for the removal of function in nature to satisfy unhealthy and ignorant social whims. A masculine man and a feminine woman remain the best examples of their type and will always be superior to hybrids with nullified and contradictory traits that ultimately have no value and only demonstrate mediocrity.

November 24, 2004

What is a traditional man?

Said most concisely, a man takes action to enforce natural order. This assumes that he first knows what the natural order is, and secondly that his action is reasoned and undertaken with consideration for its implications.

A man is direct and straightforward. He says what he thinks and declares his intentions instead of parroting approval for social whims of the present age. If you ask a man a sensible question, you will get a sensible answer. By this criterion alone, politicians, lawyers, executives, and all others who communicate by rhetoric are excluded from the community of man. With mendacity, one renounces manhood.

A man is not passive, but rather is distinctively active, pressing his spirit towards tasks for which he is constituted and at questions for which he is the answer.

As a maintainer of natural order, a man cares about stabilizing the future and generally takes little concern for that which applies only to the immediate. He knows his time is valuable and strives to make the best possible use of it. As such, he does not believe in the cult of the individual, nor does he care for his own pleasure, for there are higher purposes in life than hedonistic indulgences.

A man stands timeless. He believes in eternal values that have always created and maintained civilization. Thus he shall succeed by acting in accordance with the principles of the universe. Social fads come and go every few decades and centuries, but values that have endured for thousands of years offer a straight path that will continue to bring success -- and even offer rational answers in an age overwhelmed with an abundance of senseless ideas while moving rapidly with a total loss of direction.

A man is happy when he achieves goals. A man distracted from his goals suffers inner distress. The best freedom for a man is to allow him to work in accordance with his nature.

A man prefers reality and the vividness of life. The entertainment world has abundant distractions, such as video games, sporting events, and an infinite offering of meaningless television programs and movies, but a man rejects such opportunities as irrelevant, leaving them to people resigned to being the spectators of life. The more diversions and vices accepted, the more that become necessary; thus a wise man avoids both.

A man venerates nature instead of seeking isolation from it. He values both wild nature and honest interactions with others. To realize the worth of the later, one only need spend time in nations that have more culture than television to see humans in a natural environment instead of emulating the behavior displayed in broadcasts of manufactured insanity.

A man protects and defends. He will stand and battle for what is his and serves the future of his people. He works with others who have similar goals. He is not concerned with his personal safety, but only with the security of his family and his people.

A man restores what has value but has been broken, whether by wars, vandals, or natural decay. With an eye towards eternity, he is the force that preserves the best for future generations, assuming that there will be men in the future who will continue this role in the chain of life.

See if you can find any men around you today, those who have discovered who they are from within and have not capitulated to the incapacitating teachings of the modern age. A man who finds himself in modernity has vision and vigor for there is much to do and few who do anything; thus the world belongs to him and is easily won if he persists in taking action for what life created him to do.