Contra Open-Mindedness

Our time is short and precious. It is therefore wise to limit our exposure to fruitless tasks and the multitude of fools who only steal away what is irreplaceable. For the same reason it is important to stay away from people who call themselves "open-minded" because it means that they recklessly accept everything instead of choosing only what is best.

Open-minded people bask in self-praise for supporting all ideas, regardless of their worth or consequences. Resting comfortably between nihilism and the forced equality of democracy, open-mindedness reveals its anti-intellectual instinct through its fervor to remove distinctions between what is valuable and what is useless. It aspires to avoid considering differences at all, dismissing facts as merely one of many opinions. It weighs all outcomes as equal, thus removing any responsibility for making bad decisions or suffering from someone else's bad decisions. It completely disregards the costs of tolerating harmful ideas and makes no effort to limit their damage.

As thinkers, the open-minded are anarchists futilely waging war against the laws of nature. They advocate indiscriminately conceived possibilities without regard for the results, just as they lack appreciation for coherently formed ideas, functional structures, and reasoned action. Lacking all knowledge of how natural systems operate, they promote incongruent alternatives as they ignorantly distance themselves from understanding the meaning of life.

Open-mindedness pursues novelty at any cost and prefers random, unique, and meaningless combinations to those which are well formed. This type of thinking is promoted by capitalistic systems where the lure of novelty is essential to selling people useless products they don't need. It also compels them to purchase things like junk food and toxic chemicals that are actively harmful. It prospers best in democratic regimes where the ideas of an average person without knowledge are now considered a better basis for social advancement than those of an intelligent person. Open-mindedness is always accompanied by a superficial, self-destructive culture.

Once this type of thinking becomes widespread there is no simple path out. The propaganda of open-mindedness teaches people to be proud of their broken thinking, to prefer illusory answers, and to never touch anything honest for fear of being "close-minded" if they accidentally discovered a socially forbidden truth.

The measurement of any idea or consequence must always be taken not with myopic, egotistical concern for the the individual, but for the health of the system of which the individual is a part. Social values that are styles and fads will pass away as quickly as they emerged, but those which have established and maintained civilization will always endure.

Open-minded people are quick to slander organization, discipline, and seriousness wherever they recognize their occurrence, naively proposing sloppiness, laziness, and half-measures as alternatives. They have a hypocritically closed mind when critiquing ideologues who are not open-minded, proving that open-mindedness is merely a bias and not really a system that accepts ideas other than its own concept of intellectual whoredom.

To grasp the failure of the liberal western world it must first be understood that both right-wing and left-wing forms of democracy are liberal in practice. Left-wing values are open-minded in that they disregard long-term consequences and advocate action on trends without planning, contradicting this only when they demand preservation of the environment. Right-wing values tolerate and yield to all liberal values in slightly moderated degrees, taking no firm stances while positing an alternative that is nearly identical to the original. Similarly, modern right-wing leaders are identical to left-wing leaders in that they have no real ideology but merely propose issues and take stances calculated to bring them the most votes, though right-wing leaders are more concerned with making it easier for corporations to maximize profits at the expense of the future. Both right-wing and left-wing forms are open-minded in that they willingly promote bad ideas without regard for the harmful long-term consequences. That is quintessentially open-minded.

Governments that do not take the form of a liberal democracy are considered suspect by open-minded governmental officials and the open-minded media. They instruct their open-minded followers to insist on the annihilation of distinct, consistent beliefs of others in favor of contradictory structures that possess no shared values and thus have no direction, purpose, or meaning. Non-liberal governments are called backwards and diagnosed as being in need of reform so that they can be made identical to the governments of the open-minded people at which point their submission is praised as enlightenment. Open-minded people love to praise their way as intelligent while calling all others inferior and ignorant, yet they are unable to see that there are often substantial benefits in the methods that close-minded people choose.

The willful slander of close-minded governments knows no bounds. Open-minded people say that close-minded leaders are deranged and evil for thinking differently. When they aren't portrayed as sinister and diabolical, their ideology is misrepresented or suppressed by the supposedly open-minded media. Close-minded methods of preserving cultural health, such as banning products, censoring media, or enacting violence against disruptive elements are always categorized as unprovoked and without benefit. The leaders of these movements are said to create these laws and take action for no reason other than because they enjoy causing the misery of their people. This pop-psychology characterization is straight out of a Hollywood movie and founded on the erroneous thinking of media culture, but is frequently repeated because it is popular, despite being completely wrong.

It is for these reasons that it is better to favor what is healthy, truthful, and meaningful instead of being open-minded.

June 18, 2002