Nature Prevails

It's game over for humanity. For too long the supernatural poison from the Middle East urged people to disregard the apparent world in favor of a promised imaginary world. Even Gentiles were told they could inhabit heaven's streets of gold and become God's Chosen People if they worshiped the god of Israel (Yahweh Elohim Israel: "The Lord, the God of Israel." Jud. 5:3). Now the horrific consequences of this belief system are imposed upon us all:,6903,750783,00.html

The only measure of reality is nature. When people defy nature, whether through technology, insane religions, or misguided ideologies, they only increase the eventual suffering that will inevitably result. In nature, overpopulation causes a shortage of food and conflicts over living space. This is resolved by starvation and wars, by which populations are once again reduced to sustainable levels.

Modernity has no understanding of how nature operates and instead attempts to address consequences instead of causes, thus ensuring that the underlying problem is only exacerbated. This extends the duration of the problem and increases the suffering involved until, through great destruction, balance is once again achieved.

How did we get to this point? The industrial revolution brought us the concept of mechanistic production, but this model lacks the cyclical feedback of the ecosystem. Instead it produces by consuming raw materials without regard to the consequences of production such as replenishing the expended resources or removing the burden on waste integration when the product is discarded. In a disposable society where everyone is an individual and no one has responsibility, there is no consideration for what happens when the useless plastic junk we buy is thrown away, just as there is no consideration for the long term results of dumping toxic chemicals in rivers or releasing them in the air. Provisions for such would decrease profits which is against the interest of companies that have no social or cultural connection with the people who are effected.

The United States in particular, and the United Kingdom to a somewhat lesser degree, fell victim to Judeo-Christian values that are fundamentally materialistic and anti-natural. It is no wonder that these countries are the two most backwards and degenerate countries in Western civilization. While many of their citizens are of European heritage and had ancestors that once lived in accordance with nature before they were Christianized by sword and fire, they have since had their instincts thoroughly suppressed and their values reprogrammed by a psychologically abnormal and unhealthy world view.

As belief in imaginary worlds increases, concern for reality declines. This disconnect is internally resolved by further fantasy and detachment, even fueled by media that propagates ideas that keep people enslaved to confusion by distancing them from real life.

    A recent Gallup Poll showed 38 percent of Americans believe that ghosts or spirits can come back in certain situations - up from 25 percent in 1990. The poll also found that 28 percent believe that some people can hear from or talk to the dead, compared with 18 percent 11 years ago.

Our time is running out. While many will offer denial mixed with an advocacy of the same methods that brought this problem, a new approach that rejects illusion is necessary. Any solutions will surely bring pain to many, and those who have selfish concerns will want to stave off the pain for as long as possible. However, the longer we wait to take action, the greater the suffering and death toll will be before the worldwide population is ultimately reduced to sustainable levels and total consumption is lowered to replenishing rates.

We live in an overpopulated world where people consume our collective resources in an unsustainable fashion. Soon the consequences of this approach will be drawn.

July 7, 2002