The Bliss of False Assurance

It seems that almost any discussion about reality is cut short by the realization that other people have differing constraints on their ability to imagine what is possible. To make this worse, most deny the potential of open space by filling it with expectations that they feel compelled to serve. Thus we rarely get to talk about what is real or what could be made real, but instead all focus gravitates towards compulsion for the most predictable behavior. As with everything today, easy repetition and servitude wins out over aspiration.

Many people are seeking bliss, that crude Judeo-Christian narcotic that numbs the spirit and offers the pleasure of justified, smug self-assurance. This bliss doesn't care for the real world, but instead posits its goal as a fantasy reality where all things are preordained and all destinies are fulfilled to serve an invisible being in the sky who is "perfect" except that he is incomprehensible and requires humans to worship him. This absurdity doesn't dissuade those in search of the safe and placid nothingness promised to them as the heaven they reach by dying.

The need for the intoxication of bliss speaks against the people who seek it, i.e. those who suffer from life are the only ones who need to imagine "bliss" as their relief from reality. Those who are aligned with life neither desire nor seek external remedies (e.g. "bliss", "God", "heaven"). Similarly, they do not possess the Judeo-Christian cultivated feeling that their spirit is in error and carries a heavy weight that needs to be removed (e.g. by "being saved", "redemption", "salvation"). Here, as everywhere, the great religious farce is played out by creating false distress by inventing an illusional reality and then offering similarly illusory solutions. None of this has anything to do with reality, but it exhaustively drains energy and hope, thus providing the emptiness that creates the strained smiles of "bliss" that are seen on the faces of the flock of the hopeless ones.

Somewhere between feigned happiness and schizophrenia you can find primitive resolutions to the inner cognitive dissonance suffered by those who talk about decisions they have made when more correctly they have merely complied with external demands placed upon them. They intentionally misunderstand events and interpret them dishonestly so that when they submit to another person's desires, they fraudulently say "I chose this" or "we chose this" but almost never "I gave in to this person" except in the case of the most honest and aware submissives.

Really I do not wish to speak out against passive people because only a small minority of people in the world are sufficiently capable of making thoughtful decisions to which they or others should be bound. It is good that most people merely pass through their adult lives like sleepwalkers, happy to forget the clarity they once had in youth, though their common propensity for baseless self-praise they voiced later creates an embarrassing spectacle. What always amazes me is how easily they comply while resisting all introspection and criticism. As if hypnotized, they remain transfixed in a state of selective suggestibility where they unquestioningly go along with certain expectations that are placed on them. Like sheep led to their slaughter, they are treated well enough and fed comfortably so they never realize their destination.

In my younger days I used to believe in the possibility of sharing ideas with others by communicating with rational thought. This seemed simple enough, but I was too much of an idealist and my spirit was too rooted in traditional European thinking to understand the modern landscape. The harsh reality is that few people today have an attention span capable of sustaining rational thought for more than a few seconds, ensuring that all abstract or non-trivial ideas are now incomprehensible to moderns and thus cannot be discussed. They are always busy and distracted so most thoughts lack sufficient time to get through. Making this even worse, few people have been able to escape the mendacity of middle eastern religions and their intentionally deceptive worldview that cripples all aspiration, so any thoughts that do get through are usually rooted in simplicity, repetition, and error.

It should be no surprise to see what the results of this approach have been. Young people are left isolated with paradoxical demands and ordered to become adults so they can serve as the jailers of the next generation. Finding no logical path out, they struggle at first to overcome themselves but then settle for any convenient anchor to which they can attach themselves and assume a socially acceptable identity that will please those making demands upon them. Even if they have escaped indoctrination in a middle eastern religion, they typically retain the focus on image over reality. Consequently, they are left empty inside with no hope of discovering authenticity while at the same time presenting themselves with a false social veneer of pleasant satisfaction that attempts to mask their cruel predicament.

As we are all part of the whole, these casualties compromise our future by trading it for a comfortable illusion. We need to not only awaken those who have become the victims of illusion, but we need to speak out against the pleasant lies that covertly kill the spirits of the ones we love.

Jun 4, 2001