After the Rainfall

I love the night after a good rain. The wet, warm mist rises and fills the air with the scent of growing life. The night is quiet and still, but alive in the shadows of darkness that are sensed but not seen. Only those who are brave have discovered what hides in the night.

Modern society stands in contradiction to life. Here Judeo-Christian fear dominates all choices and values. Even nature, which is not correctly considered the base of the universe but rather is claimed as the external creation of an invisible being, is praised but feared. In other words, the followers of Jehovah will talk about how they love nature but at a deeper level they are afraid of what it suggests because it overtakes the supposed power of their god. When rain comes, the sheep are afraid and seek shelter and protection. Even after the rain, you will find the streets empty and their favorite strip malls desolate. They are drained by the appearance of something that is so clearly beyond their control, but it is only a threat because their values have distanced them from reality. As a result, the potential of this raw reality is frightening to them, so they seek predictable comfort and the assurance that all hints of open life never touch them. It's safest when nothing can happen.

To walk on a desolate nature path at night is to discover the meaning of this in full. The silence of humanity provides a backdrop for everything living to announce itself and seemingly be heard for the first time. Each step brings you further into the depths of chaos where there are no dead gray concrete buildings but instead an everlasting organic cycle of life which surrounds you and reminds you of how ludicrous the easy, static answers of society are. Here the concepts of duty and obligation become transparent and hollow. Instead, all that matters is what is right, that which speaks to our spirits and forever stirs us alive. It is the internal realization, not from an intellectual but from a spiritual perspective, that we have no masters above us. All we need to find what is right is to align ourselves with the voice of nature where we always find our best results and our highest moments. Authenticity is a rare find in this negotiated, compromised world, but when found it is the most alive you will ever feel.

A walk after the rain washes off so many false assumptions and lies about our lives that have been accepted as truths after years of being repeated and accompanied by ritual duty to prove affirmation and servitude to that which brings lasting harm. While reality permits us to do anything we want with our lives, a quick glance at the depressing results of drug addiction, suicide, entertainment, democratic politics, junk food, child abuse, and middle-eastern slave religions tell us plainly that not all choices are identical nor should we pretend they are acceptable and tolerate them. It's so easy to give in and buttress submission with clever justifications, but all of this is little more than a complex evasion of life. Ultimately every denial only sows the seeds of regret, ensuring that there will be poisoned fruit to choke on in the coming years as a fair reward for planting the fields with lies and then hiding from reality with comfortable delusions.

After the rain there is always a reminder of what could be -- and what is lost when the most real parts of life are overlooked and forgotten.

May 25, 2001