A Short Guide to Life

Jesus To remain healthy in a society of the psychologically diseased requires deliberate choices, not only to protect oneself directly, but also to avoid the distress that accompanies frequent observation of the hopeless. My method is an old one consisting of limited exposure, fewer obligations, a longer attention span, a slower pace, and a vigorous introspection that allows confrontation with the most difficult questions. We all know that the much of today's dissatisfaction occurs because modernity is a great robber of the spirit that ruthlessly takes all it can from the wealthy. Thus, if we are good students of history and culture, we can find all we need by rejecting the trends of today and returning to what was valuable and meaningful when life was about reason and passion instead of distraction and duty.

August 24, 2001

Disregard praise and compliments
The opinions of others ultimately mean little as they are only words devoid of action. Often what they profess to venerate is merely a means of manipulative supplication. People who truly care will say it with more than words.

Turn your eye towards subtlety
The best knowledge is hidden in the details where it may be appreciated by those who deserve it, while at the same time being invisible to those who go through life superficially to provide themselves with the bliss of eternal ignorance.

Be slow to have an opinion
Most opinions don't matter because they are composed of incongruent and undeveloped parts on a crippled foundation. With the modern extension of adolescence into the mid-20s it takes longer than ever for anyone to know anything of significance. Don't rush and don't bind yourself when you do not know.

Once you finally know something, say so
Those who are timid are also resigned from life and might as well not exist. Even if you only know one thing, stand tall and speak it.

Avoid over-stimulation
Too much exposure to external elements means that your internal self will atrophy. This is easily demonstrable by observing people who are frequently exposed to media, entertainment, and social events. Like trained parrots they can mimic what they have seen, but their cost was becoming the actors in the fictional scenes they observed.

Break routines
Routines are comfortable and an effective way to perform chores, but if the things in life you once enjoyed have become predictable, scheduled, mechanical tasks to perform then it's time to question whether or not you are really living.

Be wary of cleverness
People who aren't intelligent or creative often hide this by being clever. Cleverness consists of rearranging known communicative tokens with willful mendacity while having disregard and a lack of appreciation for the purpose of the whole. Keep watching and you'll see what a clever person wants to get from you.

Reject your assumptions
You might be totally wrong about something or everything. Your assumptions might be based on something someone else told you that sounds good but lacks any basis in truth. If you really want to know then throw everything away and start over.

Don't take arguments seriously
People don't argue over ideas or possible solutions, but instead argue to assert their egos and release frustration. Once you realize that no argument ever had useful results, you will neither argue nor take arguments seriously.

Eat well
If your fuel consists of junk then what should you expect of your life? Sugar spikes and junk food create a disruptive physical and mental imbalance that you should avoid inflicting upon yourself.

We are animals removed from nature, but with frequent exercise we can revive the healthy instincts that once guided us in creating great civilizations.

Build towards the future
Given any set of choices, consider where you will be afterwards: in a year, five years, twenty years. Certain choices block future possibilities while others expand them. Figure out your desired path and create it.

Be good to your friends
You will meet a few rare people with whom you share a journey though life. They are precious and should always be close to you.