Aphorisms VII

I. As the situation falters, I do not! (An old soldier's motto).

II. Capability prevents hesitation and obviates nervous weather probing awaiting favorable conditions -- all conditions are favorable. Onward!

III. From a pattern of victories you become comfortable facing any situation or obstacle, certain you will set it straight. Surely this will eventually invite imprudence.

IV. The plateaued and declining are most in need of making a deal, hurrying into compromise before they have lost all value.

V. "I've nothing but my name" -- thus be unrelenting.

VI. Do they act badly on purpose as an attack out of spite -- or are they merely exhibiting their nature? Ascribe no motives from supposition.

VII. We see they prefer the trivial and inferior, fraudulently using reason to justify their preference. Therefore do not argue; demonstrate a better alternative and show others necessities for that result.

VIII. No one is ever made worse for taking a long walk.

IX. Whether they are striving for an ideology or natural refinement distinguishes whether the restless are demons or saints.

X. Civilization merely hides and masks impulses from observation. Uncivilized untamed curiousity dares to walk upon situations as upon wild beasts, catching them naked in the act of exhibiting their natural characteristics and unconcealed motivations.

XI. Many necessary tasks are realized to be easy when undertaken without the burden of complaint or feigned struggle. May you allow no one to talk you into despondency and despair, not even yourself.

XII. Earth is an outpost of consciousness where semi-aware life of various degrees is placed atop one another with differing purposes and aims, just as other planets and every locality has arranged their intelligence.

XIII. Women are easily seduced by instinct more than forethought, but directing them toward sensible aims, good behavior, and away from bad habits takes a nuanced touch of firmness and finesse, which is a subtle art.

XIV. "No, I shall never be lost like that one." - thus do some instruct by their example.

XV. Anger, jealousy, envy, and proclamations of life's unfairness are like getting mad at the sun and the moon, but nature will not be revenged.

XVI. Grounded in the eternal, you always know what you must do and why.

XVII. The exception merely proves that unusual exceptions can occur.

XVIII. First you accept neither praise nor blame because everyone can only be what they are, for essential constitution is fixed at birth and its expressions unfold as they must. Then you break with morality from its poor results and weakness cultivatated from favoring safety over ambition. Now the road is vast and open.

XIX. No opinions of others -- you know their defects and how they could be corrected, so there is no need to ascribe moral character to methods and function.

XX. Multiple missteps were chosen over better options, making separation inevitable, and this perception of a prolonged fatality is later seen as little more than stupid. So too is the unnecessary separation of harmonious souls.

XXI. Nature's plants and creatures are aligned in an infinite chain, temporarily holding nutrients before bequeathing them to one another, part dance, part musical chairs in unending celebration of having the necessary while its needed.

XXII. Politics and high culture are just a few people doing everything, battling each other and distant opponents.

XXIII. What is more important than unbroken free spirits? We are innocent not from abstaining, but by removing external pushes and refusing to trade ourselves away for favor. We desire to be no one else, nor bend that way.

XXIV. Tasting more leads to dismissing more, as knowledge of possibility balances decisions by measuring substance to judge what is worthy of reverence and what misses the mark.

XXV. Little of what you see is real. What is real is rarely fixed. In what you don't see, much is lurking.