Aphorisms V

I. It is too hot. It is too cold. Both are better than nothingness.

II. Complaints invoke negativity to create problems out of trivialities. Coherent action, not words, produce necessary change. Otherwise silence is best and prevents nuisance expenditure on idle complaints.

III. "Okay!" - You can murder drama and passive aggression in the womb by totally accepting their face value presentation and actual implications.

IV. Contra excuses of all flavors -- "And yet others are able."

V. Everything is going away, therefore aspire while you can. Others who block are not enemies, merely confused obstacles.

VI. How sweet is the release for the next stage as this one's expiration comes into clear sight and new adventure beckons. Everything is always nearing expiration for another arrival.

VII. What to do for any situation is obvious. To help someone, you'd do best to instruct them in essential things not to do. Forbidding their escapist habits would initially paralyze by taking away reactive rote behavior that dilute potential, and only after they unified their understanding of uselessness with its active rejection would they begin to live.

VIII. "Where do you think we'll be in a year?" I held the wild card - I expected to be dead in a year, "we" being a combination of infinity and nothing.

IX. Youth education -- per Schopenhauer, education must be based in facts, not ideology, not fantasy and political manipulation trading support for illusory promises about how the world should be reconstructed for loyal votes. Even more, education must richly teach dilemma, difficult situations, human nature, and study the litany of excuses and evasions that make up failure not worth emulating.

X. Concern for victimhood begets victimization, and soon one is looking for brutal helplessness and inability everywhere.

XI. The self reifying shows anything can be justified and dressed to seem rational, even innocent, as if everyone is just doing their job as instructed without consciously contributing malice to the whole. Yet tremendous malice and destruction occurs, and we pretend it must be performed by some other beings among us who are demonstrably very active, yet go unwitnessed as we deny knowing who does their vicious work, ascribing evil and hatred to magical forces, never the real ones.

XII. Hope is the final stage of passive despair.

XIII. Society as if meeting an alien race in outer space: are you dealing with a rational creature with common aims and understandings? Perhaps you can share transactions and small goals.

XIV. There is great joy in living fearlessly unrestrained, not only accepting consequences, but welcoming them by creating their conditions, justifying nothing, aggressively and unapologetically unifying spirit with action.

XV. You are doing and have always been doing what you are meant to do.