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Coalition of the Rabble

October 1, 2007

I was in Washington DC this weekend and though I had no idea that there would be a huge book fair clogging up the streets and main Mall area, I noticed there was also a great example of a pointless protest taking place.

Though this group had signs and fliers, there wasn't much of a crowd, not that that could have changed the outcome. Why would Congress be changed in any way by what a few thousands or a few million marchers think? Marches and protests come and go every week without change happening. This one was no different.

Blaming Congress is easy because it sounds so simple to cut off war funding, though that demand for action avoids discussion of Congressional independence. That's also why Congressional approval rates are at record lows (11%) because Congress isn't doing anything the people want and in most cases is doing the opposite of what benefits the people. This shows how democracy does not obey or represent the people, but only does what is requested by the special interest groups that fund it.

With great amusement and laughter, I saw these promotional fliers on a traffic pole:

Not only did the "Troops Out Now" group want to yell about stopping a war to which the majority of citizens have already loudly declared their opposition, but this group was also planning to end racism by merely appearing and yelling for a while. Thanks guys! How about also saving an endangered species or supporting solar power? Bring in lots of scattered interest groups to make your message even more unfocused and ambitious than you can deliver.

What noble souls constitute this effort? Their banners reveal a brave Coalition of Rabble!

Yes, George Bush doesn't care about black people.

Legalize Crime Now

Black Power is the answer.

You mean Mumia isn't dead yet?

Sexual interest groups against War!

Que Bueno! Immigrantes Unidos ahora!

People who center their efforts in reality understand that symbolic gestures do not create change in the world. Others like to stir the pot and create uncomfortable disruptions, imagining they can take public discourse hostage by attacking civility and then bargaining with authorities for some kind of imaginary rights in exchange for stopping their antisocial behavior.

Rights that require pleading with authorities are not worth anything because authority can revoke them as effortlessly as they were granted. They were not based on anything real and thus are subject to nullification at any time. In nature, all rights depend on the capabilities of the organism and are won by virtue of their ability to win them. Rights are not given, but exist as a reflection of one's abilities. Given the great difference between creatures, what might be right for one would be injustice for another; similarly with people.

Fuck War

What was the result of all this paper and noise? How much was changed by people marching and showing how their special interest group wanted power for their selfish gain? What did it all amount to?


In the end, it was just another example of unproductive politics that have a loud message with no impact. What a terrible waste of so many people's time when effective politics could have been undertaken instead.