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Virginia Restaurants

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Fresh Fields/Whole Foods
This is grocery shopping for the few who realize the value of preparation and care that goes into the food they eat. Since most Americans happily sacrifice quality for a "good deal", the mainstream fare in cheaper stores is a contributing cause to America's health problem. At Fresh Fields, you'll find only quality here with food items that don't cut corners but are made correctly, even if that means a higher production cost. Avoid all compromise and get food made the right way.
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Home Depot
These large stores have variety and decent prices, in addition to sometimes being open 24 hours a day to serve your home improvement needs. Employees are helpful and the store presents no additional barriers to dreams, thus providing as an oasis of relief from the fatalism of modern society. If you have ideas for your home project and wish to make them into reality, Home Depot will let you get it done.
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In 'n Out
This is the only Judeo-Christian establishment that has ever made a positive impression on me. Here you'll find California-based fast food done correctly in an area where so many others have failed miserably by striving to appeal to the vapid masses. Food here is made with quality fresh ingredients. Care is taken to ensure that the food tastes good and is reasonably healthy for what it is. What an amazing concept! They have removed the modern elements that make fast food suck and instead have gone back to the basics by making food that people enjoy eating. In addition, workers are paid higher wages than usual so that responsible adults fill your order without resentment. The cliched Bible verses on the food wrapping are hardly intrusive given that you will be focused on the impressive food that this burger joint offers.
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Trader Joe's
The owners of this grocery store chain take an interesting view on capitalism by selling upscale products, but only those which they believe in and can sell for less than their competitors. As a result, their economic model includes no loss leaders, i.e. no items which they sell for a loss merely to attract customers. They have no coupons, no sales, no "club cards" or any other marketing nonsense. They simply buy high quantities of good items and sell them at good prices. Because they are not attempting to compete with mainstream grocery stores there will be some products they do not sell, so you will have to shop at another grocery store to supplement your purchases here. As a niche store in an industry filled by clones, Trader Joe's offers a refreshing break from the absurd marketing hype, capitalistic nihilism, and commercial mendacity to which society has made us accustomed.
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