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Jesus Endorses Juices

Most products sold as fruit juice are not really juice. This is because juice companies have found that they received the greatest economic reward by producing inferior juices so they can compete with lower prices instead of superior quality. After all, most American consumers choose unhealthy beverages like soda because they are inexpensive. In the end, the old adage "you are what you eat" remains true. It should be no surprise that I maintain a strict policy of avoiding juices and other products that contain cheap sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup. I also have a policy of general discrimination against juices that are reconstituted from concentrate.

While orange juice that is not made from concentrate is easy to find in brands such as Tropicana, grape juice are pineapple juice harder to find but available from companies like Lakewood.

As a general rule, check the ingredient list and read the label. If you see high fructose corn syrup, utter a few pithy curses for the manufacturer and move on to the next product. Also skip it if the ingredient list is long. This is a simple food item and their unnecessary complexity and processing suggests that they have sabotaged the end result by loading it with cheap ingredients instead of selling a healthy juice.

Recommended Brands

This Italian company uses traditional old world values and hand-picked fruits to make their juices delicious.


Made without concentrate, this grape juice is made of only real organic concord grapes. This is juice the way it's supposed to be made.

R.W. Knudsen

Based on a simple formula of unsweetened juices free of artificial flavors and preservatives, R.W. Knudsen keeps the wisdom of the past alive.