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I get over a hundred email messages a day, and though I cannot respond to all of them, I attempt to respond to those which are genuine and express understanding and appreciation. In the interest of sharing communication, I will periodically place some of the most insightful and amusing responses online in a section called Mailbag.

If you want to keep up with the latest developments on this web site, receive spontaneous mini-sermons and hear about what's going on in the life of Jesus, find me on Facebook.

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You can help me develop the website by sending donations and letting me know what sections you enjoy and would like to see expanded. Your funding directly improves this presentation to benefit you and the world. You can also send me gifts from Amazon if you wish to contribute to my life with tools, literature, or art.
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I am JesusLiedForYou on AIM.

The best way to reach me quickly for questions, comments, and conversation is by telephone. Your first call is free.