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This website came to life in May 2000. I am the sole creator of everything you see on the site and believe I have created the most extravagant personal ad in the history of civilization.

I created this site because I realized that the woman I wish to spend my life with is a rare type that is not likely to be found without great effort. I'm looking for a special woman who has traditional tastes and values. She knows her connection to the past and would rather have an authentic life instead of one guided by the pursuit of modern trends. She enjoys what is real and fulfilling in life, preferring honest moments over the predictable expectations of oversocialization. She has maintained both her personal playfulness and dignity in public, never sacrificing her spirit for the demands of others. She stands strong with her gaze towards a positive future despite finding everything around her tending towards normativity where the lowest and crassest values crowd out everything worthwhile. The special woman has shielded herself from the damage of modern society and desires something better.

Some people are quick to express their fatalism and tell me that I'll never find such a woman, so I should just give up on the idea of meeting someone good. But I laugh at their rejection of possibility because I have met the woman of my dreams before and we fell deeply in love, though ultimately she was saddled with obligation and wasn't ready for what I offered so we had to go our separate ways. Regardless, the experience was a good one and left me convinced that nature has created many women who are perfect for me in different ways. I continue to search for my next perfect woman and dream of the love we will share.

Conventional methods of meeting people are based on the improbability of discovering commonality during a random encounter. I realized that the typical approach to relationships, by which people first meet, then decide to date, and finally compromise for mutual dissatisfaction so they can make a relationship "work", was flawed because it was built backwards. It became apparent to me that a better approach was to let a few things be known about me first by sharing one side of my personality through a presentation on this web site. If a woman reads about me and finds common interests and values, then it will make sense to meet and finally date, at which point we may find mutual satisfaction instead of settling for compromise.

There is much that I have to offer the right woman. I am a single, successful, talented, loving, intelligent, athletic, romantic man. I own a spacious home in a quiet suburban neighborhood where I cook, clean, compose, and create. I want to meet and spend time with someone who isn't afraid to aspire towards something meaningful. If you're looking for the same, please look through my site and get in touch if you think we'd be a match.