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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 27, 2022

Amongst Randomness

From the perspective of an ant colony, a particular area becomes deemed safe simply because it has been safe the last 500 times it was traversed. The cost of that information is risking a scout, but a single scout is cheap and profitable colonies gain more from their extraction operations than the lives they gamble.

Each visit initially showed the area was quiet and still. Then on the 501st exploration, the patrol was suddenly crushed by a giant who appeared out of nowhere or many were drowned in a monstrous flood. What to make of this strange event?

A single occurrence doesn't give enough information about whether the event was an anomaly or an infrequent but inherent aspect of the area's character. Five extreme events in a row sends a clear alert about danger even to the consciousness of calculating insects, but the meaning of five extreme events spaced out among vast inert nothingness is hard to discern.

Superstitious ants might want to blame evil spirits, racists, witches, or hate speech for a catastrophic predicament. Blame feels good because it ascribes cause to a third-party rather than to the universe, turning focus upon the destruction or forced constraints of the third-party. In theory, the entire type of the third-party could be liquidated for the purpose of enacting utopia, or at least to advocate such solutions for political advantage.

The colony's sustainment drives exploration to continue so long as the cost of loss remains below profit. Some young explorer will take a chance at bringing back great gain despite whatever fear is being stirred up -- and usually there is no real threat, and sometimes a decent reward for ignoring fear that stalls action. Taking on the effort allows a path forward and remains a positive engine making attempts that have a chance to succeed.

The hasty assessment of situations is typically performed without any significant knowledge of their actual character. This prevents a means of assessing upside or downside. Those claiming to have such assessments are deceptive at best, and more likely just crazy fools.

The limited information possessed by one or two superficial glances reduced to a summary told by a loud neurotic chatterer communicates only ignorance. Those who rationally understand the shortage of knowledge for sizing up the situation tend to voice no definitive opinions. The contours are clearly unknown, but pointing out the missing details necessary to make sense of something is annoying to those who rush to judgment.

Much in the universe is rare and strange, hidden in rhythms no one sees or unnoticed in plain sight. Patterns remain true despite the particular participants who are constantly being replaced. Landscapes are filled with organisms fulfilling their character, and the broader universe likewise.

In Democracy, skilled politicians do not concern themselves with the people they rule. They pragmatically build strategic coalitions, raise funds, provoke actions to increase their power, and socialize to find ways to profit from their current position. Their motives don't align with those who are ruled. Politicians are not to blame, as they are merely skillfully harvesting their system.

Each is left to their own devices. You could spend a thousand years trying to build defense against every specific threat and still fall short. But the goal of life is to create, not defend. You only employ defense to not be cut too short of what you are able to accomplish.

First you avoid unbeneficial harm. Next you deter threats. Then you absorb damage while remaining resilient. Finally you counter-attack destructively to neutralize a threat.

It's unwise to live in the street level city apartment. Try not to mix opiates and benzodiazapenes. Don't use plastics. Filter chemicals out of your water. Encounters should be purposeful and mindful of likely consequences, recognizing the patterns to which they connect.

You prepare for the most likely threats and then broadly at the unknowns so that your actual mission can be fulfilled.

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