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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  February 12, 2022

Much Could Have Been

There's a lot of cheese and an abundance of opportunity for misadventure.

The raw potential is obvious. So too is the inability to cultivate or harness it while it is abundant and free. It can't be bottled. Beautiful potential is a tease, likely to wisp away without having done anything worthwhile. All it could have been is wasted through foolish errors and waiting.

No nostalgia, for all could have been done better by each participant. At most all there is to consider is a fake nostalgia dream about what was possible with that richness of capable magic never put to any valuable use. We could have done so much that was great, but instead comfortably attempted nothing.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, the women of my generation came from the second or third wave of unsettled trauma. Perpetually medicated on mood stabilizers, tranquilizers, and stimulants to sleepwalk through the day feeling nothing as they drowned in unresolved imbalance.

Drugs were crude proxies for normal living like everything else. Their dads had been lost. As young women they were stuck in fruitless search for what a dad could have been. Around thirty they'd settle for pets, wine, or a washed up dropout reminding them of their dad. Trauma lingers recreating familiar pains longing for its origins.

Society degraded to third world norms was humiliating and depressing. The rate of decline was sped up, but with enough drugs anyone can zone out.

There were few worth leading. Withdrawal was common. Our knowledge was a mix of scams and peasant phrases of faith about nonsense uttered for self-comfort. The perennial was unprofitable and unfashionable. Those certified as educated were unfamiliar with the great works of civilization or any exceptional thoughts. They mostly sought amusement, phony explanations, and distractions -- just clumsy intoxications.

A generation or two ago you knew your neighbors. Now there are random people living among you garnering suspicion even if they look like you. They might be plotting against your interests and contributing to ruin. Progress means regression to low trust and incivility. Institutions are crumbling from incoherence and long detached from their mission, no longer fit for purpose, but to say that is almost terrorism or insurrection. You are supposed to praise what is failing before you.

Essential institutions will have to be entirely rebuilt avoiding what brought their downfall. This will be hard thankless work just to get back to what was normal a few generations ago.

Unity was lost. Those in power, both official and propagandistic, had different motives and goals than the people. Worse, they did not care for public interests, nor standards. Accordingly, both dropped from neglect.

The new public did not share our norms or care for civilization. Fragile fabric tore in small ways. Instead of building roads, we had to pay to subsidize them. Instead of teaching advanced classes, funds went to the learning disabled and foreign. Our peaks were shaved thin. Valleys filled with surplus low ability people to sustain. We would have to cancel exploring the universe to pay for our bumper crop of fools and destroyers we were not allowed to exclude or keep in check.

A replacement population is part and parcel with progress. The majority spoke their discontent with low quality leaders too loudly, and the leaders responded by gradually replacing the majority with people accustomed to corruption and poor leadership. It's just pragmatic leadership to address complaints about incompetence by showing what power is able to do.

The majority would be overtaken by disunity. Soon no voice would have weight as all would be drowned by a cacophony of rabble, making all opinions equal and worthless. Leaders would once again safely shirk responsibility for the condition they deliberately created.

There's no better revenge on critique than replacement. Censorship is just a short-term measure to keep truths from being accepted in public. More effective is to remove those capable of forming thoughts, demonstrating to the ruled that honest communication results in eternal removal.

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