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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 19, 2021

Dreaming for Life

We are propelled through a combination of belief and unbelief. How strange are many of the ideas we treat as real, and clarifying are our rejections! The less you hold, the more clear your substance. Each of us is so different in our beliefs, so diverse that common ground seems a ridiculous fiction.

What we believe is not necessarily true, but useful -- thus we ban excuses, delay, and negativity. Our beliefs seduce us to what we would otherwise pass by, enchanting us to pursue their inevitablities. We are in love with their promising contours, thus delusionally project our hopes and wants onto our perceptions, falsifying reality to see what we wish to find. We imagine seeing scattered morsels everywhere indicating what we desire in fact there, finally showing itself to us to be lived.

Much is an inspiring dream, and these dreams show us what could be through a compelling vision that pulls us towards their realization. The previously unimaginable can no longer be denied. We have seen its possibility and wish it further. Dreams fuel the action of our lives.

Who is the enemy? Those who stultify. The stultifiers are soulless static entities who drain energy upon contact. They are true to ruinous ideologies, unaware they are keeping harmful power afloat. Their obedience finds a way to justify bad ideas through force and coercion, feigning offense at honest inspection that reveals them as destructive frauds.

We wish one another beautiful fantastic dreams so we can have beautiful fantastic work to set ourselves upon. We dream so that we can do what is excellent.

We dream, and then we do.

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