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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 18, 2021

Argumentum ad Stupidum

Every situation reduced to its essence is not so serious. Usually it is two morons talking past one another. Communication fails, but first intellect has failed. Thankfully, neither person recognizes what happened, so participating in foolishness incurs no psychological distress.

A big moment is in actuality tiny even within its environment, and then soon forgotten. Something else trivial appears and the insignificant past falls away. A mediocre and blundering presentation is the same as one that is highly competent. Both compel no action. The dull and the insightful are digested identically, mocking mortality. It's time to break for drinks and socialize ineptly.

The form of seriousness captivates into losing sight of substance, which once recognized should be shepherded towards greater strength. We imagine something rich and full of promise, though when our of sight it naturally mists away to nothingness, vanishing while sustaining no force, despite our wanting it to be powerful. Loss is organically uncapped and wildly misestimated.

Thought and action are commandeered to social events and made entertainment. Supposedly aspirational goals are not actually intended to be achieved. It's just talk. No effective behavior follows. The stylish know who to blame when empty gestures promising vibrant revolution once again bring barren ends. It was never more than social talk to soothe one another and fill time.

It's fun to pretend to be stupid and helpless, wearing an idiot mask to avoid taking simple actions known to bring about good results. Solutions aren't really desired, as they discount the individual's imagined uniqueness. Respect is paramount for complex self-imposed miseries and unhealthy rituals ensuring failure.

The comfort of routine prevails despite knowledge.

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