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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  July 16, 2021


Edges remain sharp, unworn by routines that keep the whole holding together. You were meant to cut. The dull can only smother. From a strong base you move powerfully towards desirous opportunities. Your foundation and feral instincts were never in doubt.

Passion drives, filling into destiny. Steady into the uncertain you aim and push onward. Waiting is death folly. The unlimited moment is urgent and you must obey.

You want to get somewhere, so go make it happen. Oppressing barriers are phantoms to outflank, pass over, or smash through. Rules and constraining beliefs slough off as if awoken from a silly dream. Need to get beyond always finds a way. The universe is a renewing canvas to be made gorgeous.

Fast and free, the goal calls you forth to take action for victory. The only thing real is now. Your soul pulses alive, aware everything is possible for this extended moment, suspended within reach -- the means held open to be seized.

The exhausted seek relief in incapacity, releasing the burdens of action and possibility by choosing nothingness in their one chance to do something. The wild thrill when realizing provisionality: situations seen coming together in narrow spectrums of temporary combination that typically are offered only once, to be solidified to their conclusion or neglected to falter into irrelevant nothingness.

Some gradually fade away, worn into still passivity and withdrawn depression; others grow sharper and more ready to cut into tender chance for a taste paid by vitality nurtured by perpetual invigoration and willingness to dare.

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