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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  July 11, 2021

Elliott Smith

There is reasoning to Elliott Smith's suicide, performed by dramatic knife stabbing to his heart. Smith was a musician, so he was not solving problems. He created stories capturing moments.

At some point after prolonged arguments about the insubstantial, he reflected that this might become his fate forever. Surely he could throw out the unruly woman interested in pointless arguments, but were they all about the same and prone to such behavior? We will all be dead soon, and instead of doing something interesting and honorable, here we are wasting eternity on useless bickering.

Since we will all be dead soon, why not now? Not to teach her a lesson, as no lesson can be taught a cross arguer, but to show one possible outcome of assaulting with arguments is to agree to give up on love and promptly make one's exit, leaving the idle complainer with nothing.

Woman, being a pragmatist, long ago gave up on love in exchange for what she thinks she can get. Uncertain the loss is immutable, the romantic spirit continues its pursuit hoping to pull woman back into its flow, at least for a few beautiful moments.

Accepting finally this will never happen, he joins her in renouncing love, but without any pragmatic need to continue without love, and plunges the blade into the useless heart that no longer gives him solace.

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