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  June 4, 2021

Pressure to Comply

In local circuits, some fighters dominate through relentless pressure that keeps their opponents backing up. This allows the attacker to aggressively pursue while under no threat -- an advantageous one way relationship that keeps them from having to consider and engage in the normal rhythm of a fight.

The retreating fighter is so flustered by reacting to the pressure that they try to get space by nonstrategic escaping rather than counterattacking. Their retreat presents no threat while presenting themselves as a harmless target to pursue. Though trying to avoid strikes from a menacing advance, they eventually make a few mistakes and are hit anyway. This fighting strategy can put together several consecutive lopsided wins while taking almost no damage.

Since this tactic seems to work, some practitioners never bother to develop conventional and proven techniques.

Pressure dependent attacks are mostly bluff. No one wants to be pressured, because it consumes with response to spam attacks that eventually will come up empty.

Shutting down pressure is a matter of experience. Those who have trained for pressure are not bothered by it, but recognize the tactic and methodically respond with technique. First they don't panic when making space to avoid being swarmed, remaining technically sound when circling away and safely resetting position rather than accepting a bad position that puts them at a significant disadvantage for further engagement.

Pressure strives to force compliance to what the opponent wants to impose, which is to make uncomfortable and on their heels so they can be repeatedly clobbered about the head.

Those who have seen it many times before and understand the bluff have trained to recognize, disassemble, and neutralize the threat. This allows the pressure to be methodically avoided while striking back, effectively shutting down the gambit.

Reliance on pressure is a tell that they usually have nothing else. When the opponent's one trick doesn't produce fear and cowering, their scheme is exposed. That might play in the local circuit, but falls flat against opponents who see through it and will patiently take apart cheap tricks to leave one-dimensional attackers exposed.

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