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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 30, 2021

Bringing Back

Time is a brutal refiner. The beautiful grows more beautiful by means of discernment, while the trivial and erroneous become obvious from a great distance before they can attempt to insert themselves into the great.

By keeping knives, teeth, and mind sharp, you retain capability for accomplishment. Many are idle from purposelessness, like those who thought themselves good because they had no claws.

In the short term, your purpose consists of achieving results by any means necessary so long as your ship does not turn over and become lost. You expend great effort and give total focus to worthy aims so that you can bring something home worth bringing.

Much is worthless. What is worthwhile must be vigorously fought for unto victory. Fools will dwell and tinker with the trivial, spending precious years on nothing useful; perhaps they have no great desire for anything purposeful anyway. Their meager talents were not seeking to invent or conquer.

Who is going to consume all the junk, bugs, media, drugs, soy, and other guarantors of weakness? Conspicuous consumption of crippling products was only performed to advertise harmlessness and obedience. Compliance for the sake of compliance was sweetened with excuses and scapegoats.

In the longer term, you perform a pattern of achievement because it is who you are: one who lives with purpose and is able to bring something home.

Possessing capability comes with responsibility to target it well. The best result does not come by firing wildly or shooting nonstop. Shoot carefully and strike your target precisely.

Not do we engage for distraction, candy, junk, or opiates. No excuses suffice -- those are words justifying errors in judgment or thin knowledge trying to fake considered wisdom. It is essential to size up each situation properly and bring solutions. No one could be expected to care about silly opinions, concern, or babble that occupy public fashion. They are meaningless and can be ignored as the lunatic utterances of neurotic nincompoops.

Only results matter, and all else is time wasted by fools.

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