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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 29, 2021

No Salves

There are many ways to wreckage, typically exemplified by zombies primarily motivated with consuming entertainment or drugs so that nothing interesting happens in their lives.

When considering targets worthy of your action, take note not to repeat the folly of others. There is no need to dwell upon their folly, only to realize it as one choice of many -- and one more dead end path to avoid.

What lurks if one chooses x, y, and z? Typically ruin by means of u and v after duration t.

Nor to listen to the words of inept secular priests seeking a following by proclaiming conspiracies to explain why the incapable find no success. Secular priests accuse the successful of cheating, though the top 10% of humanity easily attains the standards of success, and no conspiracies occur. We are too individualistic to conspire, and too diverse to have meaningful common ground.

The world has little use for dull, unskilled, purposeless people -- and cannot grant success to those who have nothing useful to offer, even if laws or elections declare the incompetent are very competent, or at least equal.

Salves numb and become the aim of the irritated, and then for some become a crutch because their application causes actual problems to be ignored, which often results in compounded problems. The realistic person does not desire dependence on external products and might accept temporary relief so they can better focus on addressing the actual problem rather than concerning themselves much with irritation, which is only a signal or can be interpreted as a reminder that the problem needs attention.

Removing the signal does nothing to remove the originating problem. Deadening signal only tricks oneself into believing the problem has been solved by forcing a temporary silence, though it has not be addressed in any way and is unlikely to resolve itself. Who but an instinctive fraud would lie to themselves at their own peril?

The salve is a cheap temporary hack, not a solution.

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