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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 26, 2021

The Quest to Change Perception

The ugly wish to be called average and for all to treat them as if they are not ugly. Some generously attempt this fantasy and pretend to see others as they aren't.

The stupid, mentally ill, lazy, and excuse makers likewise wish to be called average. Since they are now called average, they should naturally attain the rewards of people with average rather than inferior attributes. The distance between their current situation and average must then be the result of hateful discrimination against their perceived level of stupidity, mental illness, laziness, and ridiculous excuses.

Change perception -- or censor certain expressions of awareness -- and you can change society into the madhouse you desire, though reality goes on smirking.

Since the inferior must be accepted as average so the lower half of demonstrated inability can be normalized, the superior are also called average so the upper half of capability can be vilified. Someone capable of creativity, stability, action, and brave willingness to embark upon unknowns must be cheating to be able to easily do what the feeble cannot, and therefore does not deserve reward for their characteristics, especially when they did not create them and merely inherited a good set of traits while many others received terrible traits.

We could aspire for more good outcomes than bad ones, but that would be unfair to the average and inferior, who insist they should be the center of civilization, as they are a multitude of its ruinous misfortune the remainder takes great effort to work around so not all is lost to the entitlement of the mob.

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