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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 20, 2021

Life Needs Little

On the last summer of the last century, I was deep among the fjords of Svolvær and saw something that changed my life forever. The steep cliff faces presented a foreboding barrier of massive rock. Within the cracks in what many would reflexively dismiss as a terrain of hopelessly isolated desolation, several plants proved they had found conditions hospitable enough to have grown, now taking in the days of long summer sun as they planned their next step.

Perfect conditions were not available, nor needed. In strange edges there is often enough. One need only make home.

Looking back a thousand generations, conditions have always been tenuous and inhospitable. Chance has always been against you, and yet somehow all ancestors navigated perils and insecurity well enough to prevail. Surely you are made of the same substance.

When hostility is seen as a foundational expectation, it is easy to accept indifference and grim adversity as daily conditions one prevails over, rather than becoming a ridiculous creature angry at the world for not providing soft conditions under which even the least capable seed grows bloated and eventually rots in a stupor of jejune consumption.

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