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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 15, 2021

Excise, Do Not Reform

Once a foundation has been corrupted, ruined, and degraded, it is rare that it can be restored to its previous qualitative condition. This is why there is often a disproportionately loud cheer when a small victory is achieved, such as the reintroduction of animals into the habitats in which they once thrived before being disrupted. Nature presents a relatively easy problem that by instinct fixes itself; abstractions are typically neither understood nor subject to easy remedies.

This is also why some are given stewardship of what is rare and valuable. We aren't getting a second Beethoven and we no longer have any composers. We've lost most of our Greek books. Minds and souls of that quality are not expected to return -- not because we could not create the conditions for them, but because we choose contrary conditions that inhibit the possibility.

Reform under conditions of decline takes the form of tolerance for decline. A choice has been made to cause degradation for the sake of some strategic advantage, making decline inevitable and obvious. When it occurs, it is so ugly that is must be obscured with blame and doubt of its natural observation, while instilling education to convince people it is progress and must be tolerated as the new normal.

Even in conditions of rapid decline, there is usually a mathematical equation to undo the effect and its precursors, or at least to cease doing what is harmful and allow healthier conditions to return, yet those who caused it will not be convinced to give up the advantages they gain by keeping the degradation and requiring others to accept it as if normal.

Tolerance for degradation demonstrates obedience, but doesn't restore what is being destroyed.

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