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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 13, 2021

Purging Unbelievers

It always seemed strange that authorities would allow classical music to remain legal. Why should they allow subjects to for a moment live among and glimpse the great creations of civilization for their spirits to dream?

Though elites champion degenerate pop to occupy consciousness with dull fragmentary repetition, they have not moved in unison to ban classical music, for the time was not right. They have had the power to remove it with 99% effectiveness, but some would surely escape, and banned scores and recordings would circulate in the underground, inspiring rebel composers, artists, and others who escape brainwashing meant to crush all and drive them into despair and submission.

That museums were allowed to keep art was likewise bizarre. Surely authorities would want to remove all traces of the past so the pettiness of modernity was the only possible locus. Thus all would reason the old stories about what people created in the past or even a generation or two ago must be wild fables. The Western Canon would logically be purged and replaced by scribbles and one-note songs, while mopping up future awareness by ensuring there were no people left capable of understanding the arts so they crumbled and had no audience for preservation, allowing replacement by easily manufactured junk products.

Philosophy explicates reason and studies concepts within broad context, crumbling the ridiculous artifices used by rulers degrading civilization in pursuit of personal gain. Pragmatic totalitarians try to paper over these ideas, attempting to replace them with degenerate thinkers whose work obscures and spreads confusion rather than clarifying wisdom. Book burnings could remove most of the best works, though the anarchist Gutenberg long ago made it too easy for anyone to reproduce them and rearm rebels with realistic comprehension.

The possibility for total eradication is gathering its forces. The hour is late. Smoke rises from the mountain of Progress.

Consolidated corporate control of digital distribution makes it easy to permanently limit distribution. Illegal music and books can be banned and confiscated from distributors and trivially removed from devices. Any stores selling these works can be instantly detected, since all electronic records have been monitored for decades. Such crimes will result in being disconnected from the banking system and the offenders removed from the internet. You can't use cryptocurrencies when you've been blacklisted from the internet. Criminals and thoughtcrime scofflaws have no right to communicate forbidden ideas, and must be required to build their own internets and smash rocks.

Digital purges leave no obvious blood or bodies. Enemies simply vanish. Ideas are removed from public awareness. Communication of non-believers is quieted. Police or social workers can stop by later to physically remove the criminal, subject them to proper education, extract a videotaped confession, or purge them by other means.

Those who possess physical versions of books and art can be digitally contact traced. No one shall be permitted to make or spread copies of illegal art and literature, and such terrorism will face severe punishment, though usually such people will just be disappeared forever without record of what authorities did with those terrible criminals.

Access to art is not a right. Rights are not even real or respected as a gracious fiction; just something temporarily permitted in limited form so long as rulers have complete control over the population. When rulers feel their control threatened, they suspend inalienable rights. Every atrocity in history was completely legal and performed in accordance with laws and the careful guidance of ruling leadership who knew exactly what they were doing. The granting or revoking of rights is cruel comedic theatre.

Paper safeguards such as laws are to no avail. Laws can be changed, revoked, or replaced by opposite ones for fake reasons, or no reason at all, with no accountability or deference to reality. They are not subject to rational review. The ruling class will spread whatever misinformation, moral panics, and supposed needs of the moment to maintain control. Rulers are clever enough to always insert themselves where essential to keep their advantages over the ruled.

At first, governments will only sanction liquidating its people slowly and in small percentages. Resistance including critique will be made illegal, certain words and ideas will be banned, and a few examples will demonstrate how unfashionable it is to be an outlaw when the cost is being unpersoned. Docile academics who might have been loud with previous incursions will size up the risks and remain quiet rather than lose their comfortable employment, internet privileges, and access to banking and wine.

Everything great is fragile and should be enjoyed while permitted, before it is confiscated and destroyed. There might be a chance to rebuild in a few centuries, and maybe then someone will discover a book or piece of music miraculously preserved from before the purge.

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