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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 1, 2021

Goals, Dreams, Ideas

Girls are fun to explore, but what you ultimately end up liking about them is they are aspiring spirits discovering the world and ideally finding appropriate paths for which they were destined.

This leads to studying great historical spirits, not only what they created and why, but their planning, systems, follies, and all they left undone, had their powers found more time allotted.

Then you consider your contemporaries: given what time remains, how do you act wisely to do the necessary while not repeating their errors? The wealthy executives are not exemplary models: for all the riches in the world, would you ever consider spending a life running a company that collects and sells personal information to other corporations in an ecosystem that profits from privately tracking populations?

Only you can fulfill the necessary. Others are doing what serves them at the moment, benefits their scheme, or simply obeying impulsiveness. You can contemplate until a plan makes sense, and then take action to make it real. Only results matters, for which action is essential.

The value of a dream is only to have a goal to fix upon as an anchor.

This allows you to channel force and momentum in a particular direction to achieve your purpose. Inevitably this clarifies as the path is cleared, and you will see new things that will cause you to strategically adjust your trajectory. Dreams suffice as a propellant to escape the dull resistance of nothingness and begin going forward.

The value of an idea is usually zero or less. If you could achieve it, you already would be. Instead you are talking about something you can't do and trying to get somebody else to do it on your behalf for your benefit, which is an unlikely suckering that will probably never happen. Accordingly, it is an idle babble waste of time preventing useful work from being done, making the consideration of that idea a net negative when it should have been binned upon realization it could not be achieved.

Life demands sensible action, not ideas. Gradual progress towards a worthwhile goal retains clarity so goals are inevitably achieved in reality instead of being distracted by fantastical ideas.

Time is running short, so build something good while you can.

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