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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 25, 2020

Communication Theory

When I learned that broadcast professionals often majored in Communication, at once I had to take a communication class to gain a view into what they knew. Surely if thinkers working on wise interpretations to all human knowledge were focused on the archaeological application of philosophy, those seeking a way to transmit valuable information to other humanoids were employing the finest techniques developed, and these would be useful in case there might become a need to communicate with someone.

It turned out communicators had honed in on the mediocre middle of humanity with a broken attention span, making sure to repeat themselves and prompt the listener for confirmation that they had heard and understand tiny tokens of communication. This format has more tightly appeared in media, with morsels made so small they contain almost nothing, though wrapped upon a skeleton with full introductions and concluding summary so the few seconds of expression has a chance to flash before an addled zombie consciousness that rarely has to go deeper than clearly affirming to indicate social obedience.

Watched from a distance as if studying a foreign species, people talk in a form of babble saying almost nothing, whereas insects and animals communicate clear intent. Were you to take notes on the significant aspects in the human discussions you observe, you would exhaust no pens.

At best, people talk to remind themselves of unfinished problems that need to be worked through, using the other person's time to forge a social contract with themselves to create pressure assuring that the matter needs attention and presenting them to the other person will force action to finally take place.

Most talk as unconscious robots, whether repeating the opinions and ideas they consumed earlier from media products and consider easy enough to express agreeability. Perhaps 5% occasionally think through the merits of a concept and weight it against decades of observation to consider whether it is factual or useful. That leaves 1% who think through implication and consequences, sometimes chewing on them and their relations for decades before forming a considered opinion -- one that is considered equal to the moron who repeats ideological talking points.

In whatever city I end up on Christmas Eve, I enjoy finding a church to fully take in the spectacle of a warmed over evening program for a docile audience that is so agreeable it is unable to find anything strange in the subject matter or claims upon which the presentation is premised. Supernatural events in a Middle Eastern land and the psychology of revenge in the desert are not only totally normal topics, but accepted as naturally belonging to their heritage.

It's important to keep in mind that not every person in the church benefiting from its structure is necessarily a believer in the stated church platform. Just because someone operates under the banner of a system does not mean they support the system or are remotely close to being a demonstrative representative of its goals.

Leaders and staff do not have monolithic or coordinated motivations, and their schemes can vary widely.

  1. The position might be a means to a comfortable job that is quasi-governmental in assurances. Everyone knows they show up to run an orderly ceremony on Sunday, and are available through the week to provide for any community needs that might arise. Some greatly enjoy socializing, gossip, and wine in the style of academics.
  2. They might be a contributor to a community, even an outsider transplant, e.g. a doctor who has moved to rural farmlands and provides a valuable service for modest income, which is more rewarding and relaxing compared to city living
  3. Someone might advocate for the system because it is currently powerful or at least provides for them. If it collapses in a year or five years or twenty, they will just become advocates of whatever the new system is and praise it just as mightily for being right and great.
  4. They might advocate for the system because it will obviously fail, and its rotten doctrine should be made demonstrably clear. Something better will naturally take its place -- may it fail soonest!

Formats are enduring, and many people are happy to attend a format rather than discriminating based upon a particular program or performer. Just as some forms are broadly pleasant, e.g. a comedy show, and thus widely interchangeable to an audience seeking genetic entertainment, there are also unpleasant forms that are repellent, e.g. philosophical lectures of any depth about truth, perception, and consequence of humanity.

Though performers or their work are considered special, in actuality their act dies with them. It is so insignificant that after their passing it is discontinued rather than sold to performers to repeat it on tour. Comedians throw away their material after a tour. Even a multi-decade career has no "best of" tribute where another performs a compilation of proven material. Bands performing covers of the greats are universally feeble and at best a novelty amusement, pleasant for a laugh but not plausibly animating the dead. That audience will just move on and consume a different product.

The orator of a sermon attunes to the crowd, feeling their sentiments and willingness to be manipulated, rather than adjusting the crowd to eternity.

Likewise, popular movements are inherently disposable, as they do not concern themselves with any truth or context larger than the moment. They propel themselves on trivial events, misrepresented and blown absurdly out of context, claiming some universal principle from deliberate untruths.

The movement eventually ends when it becomes apparent the claims are silly and can't be achieved without altering nature and reality, though laws and fashion can make that seem possible for a while. All the attention and money (finite time engaged in labor) were wasted on a senseless distraction, once again overtaking legitimate goals and purpose that could have actually benefited civilization.

Masses clamor for more powerful illusions that will never make them happy, while real answers are censored, outlawed, and made too taboo for public consideration. No necessary conversations are facilitated, only authoritarian monologues from propaganda campaigns.

Have you tried the new product/substance that has been made legal for the purpose of increasing state tax revenue to use against humanity, and to pacify you? How nice if you would tolerate degradation, the engineered failure of civilization, and decades of incompetent leadership. Please tolerate decline forced upon you and accept it with a open mind as the new normal, rather than the previous normal that was qualitatively far superior.

Not only no laws restricting vices, not even public campaigns of awareness advising of outcomes observed for millions ruined by prolonged consumption.

The sweeping tide of the crowd stampedes feedback, rendering the crowd blind, deaf, and stupid to its behavior. There are no answers from those speaking for the gyrations of the crowd (apologists), and no answers in those speaking bland sentiments to the crowd (flatterers).

Arguably, the easy way out of the possibilities of communication is to utter blather so as to hold the position of a speaker, but not its responsibility.

Looking around, do you still have anything vaguely resembling a community, i.e. commonality? Without it, why would anyone care what happens to those deprived of sensibility and truth? Might as well feed them lies, as they are consuming entertainment and junk food anyway without enough awareness or self-respect to stop.

Mostly alone, except for others who behave as remnants of civilization, this clarifies a way forward as everything else turns into ghosts towns with systems remaining in structure, but lacking in function. Organic need and the self-organizing will build around collapse as a yet unsnuffed cosmic force with embers ready to restart civilization while the exhausted breaks down into rubble.

Police transition to social workers as crime is legalized and arrests cease to arrest public harm because criminals must be immediately released to public freedom without collateral as assurance they will stop their hostile behavior.

There are still schools, with material watered down for equity so students unable to keep up with standards are not given failing marks. Everyone professional needs a masters degree to signify awareness of what was taught at the high school level two generations ago, and was the public standard.

Home schooling is an obvious response, though labor intensive to a family. Where there is a still a thin web resembling a community, some people will want to establish group schooling that does not have the burden of accommodating idiots, losers, the antisocial, the incapable, and the undesirable, and to not feign belief in whatever social declaration claims to offer salvation by obliterating civilization to force us into equal misery that removes everything excellent and praises mediocrity.

Appearance is a shifty thing. Are you seeing essence, or are you tricked by myths and propaganda that want you to believe what is insane? For we are among madness and frustrated creatures that make crazed proclamations from their own suffering and from how they wish for others to suffer demise.

They wish to erase much, and by erase they mean destroy so they can replace timeless truth with lies mandated upon all. Fantasies of making their ideology prevail over all give thrill and a feeling of power, though they usually know well that all ideologies are terrible lies.

Appearance is illusion, for only the inferior have need to deceive. Little that is depicted is real. There are no advertisements for superior products; advertisers only try to convince you to select inferior choices for senseless reasons by means of misleading representations.

Vain bamboozling hornswogglers desire to appear equal, a swindle detectable as being the opposite of their claim. No one makes who is in actual possession of such traits makes such a claims or draws attention to their inner wealth. The weak asserts strength before toppling over as wreckage. The incompetent insists upon being respected, praised, and called dishonest titles despite a record of ruin in appointments beyond their ability.

The well-constituted moves forward leisurely but steadfast, taking no interest in sophistry or convincing bystanders for gain while heading toward its destination.

We scrutinize carefully to see what something really is, and what it can realistically be guided into becoming.

From devious disbelief in narratives, we sneak quietly in the night to secretly take a long glimpse at an unmanipulated view of substance in its natural habitat.

There is nothing to learn from the ideas of partisans, marketing, ideology, or goofy metrics cooked by MBAs. Noise keeps us from clarity about what is right before us, just one more technique preventing communication by overriding signal.

Should we wish to gather a thought to share, we must first smother the noise and the noise makers whose practice depends upon creating inhospitable conditions for humanity.

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