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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 24, 2020

Unsent Letter: Wrong Side of the Divide

I can't give you Beethoven's Seventh Symphony, though it is a great gift all rich souls deserve. You won't get it either unless you want to, and you don't -- from disorder and lack of passion -- a condition that recurs enough to aptly define you.

"Here is another example of one that does not understand anything good."

As the continents split, you made camp on the barren side. Strange mediocrity and easy answers took root there and were sustained by norms. Soon the preconditions were lacking for everything great, and as ability to be stricken by subtle realizations declined, anything differing from delusional doctrine became incomprehensible to it, so slavishly myopic was its worldview.

From incomprehensibility, crazy accusations were pumped out as filler to explain away the gap, but were no more than secular metaphysics declaring non-believers ignorant of the one true saving doctrine. Non-believers were surely wicked and could be blamed for being evil souls. Why else would someone not obey a Utopian gift from wise benevolent leaders promising to save them?

No one should be allowed to mention this doctrine has never worked anywhere, is on its face without merit, requires force to make thinking people comply, and in every instance is observed to create destruction.

Rulers smote dissidents who scrutinized the errors of this doctrine and dare to speak against it. None were permitted to express observations of promoters seeking selfish advantage by wielding it against others while exempting themselves and their families from its consequences.

All this was no mystery as viewed from the fecund side, which mostly focused on pragmatic efforts rather than ideology, disengaging from direct conflict with the deranged, desiring peaceful separation, having noticed reason and honest expression increasingly banished.

The secular believers chase trivialities to their doom; sad confused creatures sabotaging themselves, self-deprived of everything good, engorged on junk.

Souls of incompatible forms must disperse in different directions so each is able to exhibit their particular purpose. It would be unfair to demand another must change the nature of their soul, or to live under the confines of another's domination in a manner contrary to their instincts and abilities.

Each must go down their own path to arrive at the destiny appropriate for them.

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