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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 11, 2020

Check Out Your Privilege

It is great privilege to be constituted such that difficult tasks are neither frightening, nor exhausting. Rather, one looks upon them as necessary, whether part of a transition to creating oneself into a more refined form, or as simply the effort required to get a desired result.

Privileged to work hard and build much thereby. Privileged to endure and grow strong. Privileged to let the little things go so the important remains in focus.

Many wither at the prospect of difficulty, finding it uncomfortable and anxiety producing, as they have not accepted it as a playful challenge to face and overcome. Perhaps they do not imagine themselves as being able to prevail over resistance and are socially obedient enough to resign without the slightest impolite conflict.

But one should be tested and seek tests, especially those which offer a result that demonstrates whether they have attained the next position or there is still something to learn preparing them for the next level. We gladly enter into tests knowing the outcome will either be winning or learning.

Privileged to ignore trivialities and nonsense, especially the popular fads.

This willingness to be measured is our great privilege. Cowards flee from being assessed, imagining themselves equal despite not wanting to be measured, fearing others will see they are inferior and incompetent. Those who insist upon universal equal humorously shield themselves from any measurement that which show their actual substance and ability, knowing they measure up inadequately.

Our privilege is the freedom to laugh at difficulty because we expect from experience that we will master and overcome it. That which appears to be difficult will soon seem so small in retrospect. Much of what the public proclaims to be difficult is more typically a confession of a trivial struggle from which the weak and cowardly have created a legend of a monster by enthusiastically repeating fearful tall tales projecting their own inadequacies.

Privileged to be happy, believing the world just and giving everyone what they deserve. You probably cannot make someone happy, as that is a condition of the soul, and the unhappy would resist obvious solutions that would bring them satisfaction, just as the deaf oppose treatment that would give them hearing.

We see the paper tiger propaganda of failed people, and we will soon encounter the task, prevail over it, and recognize it was not the insurmountable effort others called it so they could slink away and do nothing.

Our privilege is the rare ability to do great work and create solutions for what vexes others. We welcome what is difficult for we know we are made for it.

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