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  October 25, 2020

Substantial Innovation

Within democracy, the purpose of a career in public office is to generate personal wealth by selling off access to government policy makers and related services to generous bidders who stand to gain far more.

Direct bribes are illegal and primitive. Nor are authoritarian approaches palatable to the public. Government officials prefer their actions to stay under the radar and dissuade clumsy competitors who might draw attention to openly obscene schemes of wealth transfer, leaving them alone to efficiently extract with minimal public scrutiny.

Towards be successful, democratic leaders must innovate to receive the wealth they desire from their positions of power. Some collect via brilliant valuable speeches after serving office funded by unknown corporations returning their appreciation for past acts. Others create disposable media products such as books, movies, and shows that have no audience but allow millions to be transferred to the politician. Even foreign nations and foreign companies can get in the game and compensate great leaders who provided them favorable treatment while they controlled the levers of power.

For each democratic official who has given up practicing law in exchange for lucrative public service, the dream of earning great wealth by selling off access comes with the the burden of innovating a vehicle to maximize their grift demonstrates how creative a public servant can be within the legal constraints of their office.

A partner in a well established legal practice can only earn a few million in a good year, but through public service, a politician and their family can easily earn tens of millions of dollars each year if they have invented a creative way to sell influence and liquidate public resources.

There's so much money available to take and securing power and control to set policies, it would practically be a crime not to put together a creative scheme to take some wealth as a reward for the effort.

Billing $500/hr as a lawyer will take many years for modest earnings to accumulate, but as a public servant in the right place you can extract wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

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